Macron: ‘Nationalism is Treason’

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Pop goes the weasel…

I somehow missed this dopey statement uttered by the dope who was elected president of France by a lot of other dopes.

Earlier this month, at an Armistice Day celebration in Paris–that’s one of many French cities the U.S. Army liberated from the Germans in WWII–in front of a gaggle of world leaders, French President Emmanuel Macron declared, “Nationalism is treason” ( He also said it is the opposite of patriotism. As a liberal and globalist, he thinks rooting against your own country is the only correct form of patriotism–a la John Kerry.

God gave us countries to protect us from wannabe rulers of the world. Now those wannabes, of whom Macron is just one of many, cloak themselves in globalism as they pursue their dream of a world government run by themselves.

This is a doofus who says there’s no such thing as French culture (tell that to Jacques Pepin!) and the whole idea of France is vastly overrated–and that was before he slammed his countrymen, just a couple weeks ago, with a catastrophic gasoline tax increase… To Save The Planet, of course, never mind the riots. But the French nooze media told French voters last year that this gonk was a cozy, comfy “centrist” and they could all sleep soundly with him running the show.

Lesson: Never trust any politician the nooze media praise as a “centrist.”

Meanwhile–nationalism over global government every time, everywhere. I mean, come on, these schmendricks can’t even govern a city without ruining it, let alone the whole blamed world at once.

9 comments on “Macron: ‘Nationalism is Treason’

  1. It is the constant repetition of the Nimrod spirit which keeps rearing its ugly head. Ain’t gonna work, except for the brief period under anti-Messiah, then it is the end for this asinine idea.

    1. Great point, Erlene.

      Ultimately, God’s Kingdom is the answer. But we have to organize to protect ourselves for the time being.

    2. Libs want “open borders” so they can take advantage of the ensuing chaos and destruction: they think they’ll wind up on the throne.

    3. That was one mean iguana. He used to hunt the family’s little Maltese terrier, and learned how to open the birdcage to get at the canary.

    4. I think we hopped threads, somehow, but I would imagine that an iguana could be quite formidable, especially if angry.

    5. My iguana was friends with everyone except for one particular cat (he was friends with other cats), whom he would not allow to set foot in my room. Whenever she tried, he chased her out. I don’t think he liked her little trick of pooping on people’s beds.

  2. According to Mark Steyn, French culture is on the wane and it’s doom is assured. Why? He says, “Do the math.” The French people are not even coming close to replenishing their population while they let Muslim immigrants flood into their country – people who have large families.

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