‘The Fantasy (Or Should I Say Hallucination) of Universal College’ (2012)

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Do you believe it? Six years go by, we change presidents… and libs are still squawking for “free college” for everyone, courtesy of the defenseless taxpayer. It sounded then exactly as it sounds now.


Somehow burdening ourselves with several million more angry, ignorant, unemployable, bunco victims with useless degrees in Gender Studies, Beyonce Studies, and Oakum Picking is supposed to give our country “the world’s smartest work force” (translation: See that guy sweeping the floor? He has a master’s degree in Superhero Studies!) and make us “more competitive” with the other countries. What would we be competing for? A national bankruptcy award?

3 comments on “‘The Fantasy (Or Should I Say Hallucination) of Universal College’ (2012)

  1. The left made a point they don’t even know they made – college isn’t worth paying for. Though we shouldn’t either.

    1. Tain’t worth a plugged nickel. I’ve never actually seen a plugged nickel, but I’m sure it’s worth more than a master’s degree in Gender Studies.

  2. Degrees have become all but worthless in many fields. My job requires a doctorate, if you have no experience in the field, but experience counts and most people doing my job do not have so much as a baxhelor’s degree.

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