No, No–Not That Kind of Snake!

Chances are you’ve seen a plumber use his “snake” to unclog a pipe in your bathroom. But you don’t expect to see live snakes, real snakes, coming out of your toilet!

How did the snakes in these videos get into the toilets in the first place–and what made them want to go there in the first place?

Note the great care exercised in removing the snake. But for the hapless person who trustingly sat down… oy!

10 comments on “No, No–Not That Kind of Snake!

  1. I suspect they come up through the sewer pipe!
    I have something called a backflow preventer that I hope would also prevent something like that!

  2. oooooh! I have heard that this happens in Florida, and that is reason enough for me never to move there. yuuukkk

  3. They’re intimidating, but are strange and beautiful creatures. Thank you for sharing, it is good to know the captors handled them with care. The snakes are probably frightened & are not where they’d be most content. It’s not their faults they were born as snakes.

    1. There’s a lovely corn snake in that video. Corn snakes, non-poisonous, eat rats and mice and are beneficial to human beings.

    2. I don’t want the little mice to die, I don’t want snakes to die either… dang it! I just watched it again to distinguish which was the corn snake – unsuccessfully. I’m not sure which it was. I did notice in the 2nd watch that the one snake had the toilet paper roll around him or her. Awww

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