Amazon Robot Pepper-Sprays Human Employees

See the source image

And if the pepper spray fails…

(Thanks to Marlene for the news tip)

Better living through robotics! At an warehouse in New Jersey recently, a “robot mishap,” as they called it, led to some 50 employees being zapped with a concentrated pepper spray used as… bear repellent! Twenty-four of them had to be taken to the hospital, and one was in critical condition for a while. It seemed a robot “claw” accidentally punctured a 9-ounce aerosol spray can of bear repellent, and woe unto everybody who couldn’t get out or range. (

Not a lot of call for bear repellent here in the New Jersey suburbs. We are in much, much greater need of Democrat repellent. But I digress.

Anyway, the union representing the warehouse staff is not amused and is demanding accountability. They say Amazon has unsafe labor practices.

We have had our encounters with robots already this morning. The call us on the phone, interrupt whatever we’re doing, and annoy us. “Hello! This is Jonathan, your Debt Partner!” No it’s not. It’s some robot.

“Alexa! Please pepper-spray my guests!”

Are we really, truly sure we need this many robots?


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