‘Your Tuition Dollars at Work: University Pries into Students’ Sex Lives’ (2014)

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If, for instance, Walmart wished to pry into its employees’ sex lives, and required each and every one of them to fill out a questionnaire demanding the most intimate, detailed information… what do you suppose people would have to say about that? Would they not marvel that Walmart dared to do such a thing? Would they not be crying out for the CEO’s head on a pole?

Not that the public was exactly tickled pink when this publicly-funded looniversity did the same thing, four years ago:


You do wonder what kind of upbringing these academics and administrators must have had–or if they had any kind at all.

Next question: why do we entrust our children’s “higher education” to such people? Answer that one, if you can!

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  1. I recently had to change clinics and the questionnaire include questions regarding sexual activity. I know the physician personally, and he is a friend of long standing. He didn’t like that questionnaire, but it was the product of forces beyond his influence; the administration of the local hospital, whom assume that all their patients are promiscuous and use illicit drugs. Not believing in pre-marital or extra-marital sex it was an easy question to answer, but it galls me to no end that such questions are asked. Out of respect for my physician and friend, I simply stated that I was not sexually active, but I wanted to say: “None of your #!@$%!! business”.

    1. I think I’m getting to the point where if I’m ever asked such questions, I’ll answer with preposterous lies that can neither be believed nor disproved.

  2. I will tell you that the most humiliating security experience of my life was when I took a Cisco certification test. I had to prove my identity, be photographed and place all personal effects in a locker before turning my pockets inside Out. Only then could I be escorted into the testing area. It was like something out of a scene from a movie about prison life. They didn’t ask about my sex life, but they probably would not have wanted me to consort with anyone that used networking products which competed with Cisco Systems. 🙂

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