Dem Congressman: Does He Really Want to Nuke Americans?

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Which state would he nuke first?

In case you missed this a few weeks ago, here’s another California Democrat in Congress who let the mask of sanity slip off.

Rep. Eric Swalwell–he represents, of course, San Francisco, the human-feces-on-the-sidewalk capital of America–called for government confiscation of all rifles; and when a Tweeter told him that he and other lawful gun owners would resist, the Congressman from Ca-ca City reminded him, “We have nukes, my friend” (

Later, of course, Swalwell asserted he was only kidding about frying his country with A-bombs; but he didn’t back off his advocacy of a compulsory “buy-back,” with prison time for anyone who tried to hold on to his gun. Second Amendment be damned. Along with all the others. This is a Democrat we’re talking about.

And don’t be misled by his doubletalk about “semi-automatic” and “assault weapons.” Any firearm is an “assault weapon.” And the only kind that are not “semi-automatic” are those old muzzle-loaders from the time of George Washington, or matchlocks from the 16th century. So the Congressman from Turd Towers is really talking about confiscating all privately owned guns.

If you voted for a Democrat in last month’s elections–shame on you! Don’t ever do it again!

Democrats used to masquerade as normal people, but after several decades of doing that, it seems the strain has become too much for them and they don’t care to keep up the pretense anymore.

Nothing much good can happen in America until this party is put out of business forever.


7 comments on “Dem Congressman: Does He Really Want to Nuke Americans?

    1. Y’know what I’d like? I’d like to see this schmendrick walk into that hall where the Marines are singing “Days of Elijah” and then try ordering them to make war on their own country, to carry out his flagrantly unconstitutional aspirations. Try that, Chuckles, and see what happens!

    2. Their illusion would be shattered very quickly. I can tell you from personal experience that the members of today’s military are quite loyal to their country.

    3. Military personnel tend to be very law abiding, but the politician in question had better be sure not to break the law. MPs are great guys, but they are no one to trifle with.

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