Bonus Video: Wild in the Snow

Are cats and dogs learning how to use sleds? Well, don’t worry until you see them on skis.

I’ve grown used to hearing humans complain about snow (not that it snows that much around here: we’re mostly coping with mud). Maybe we can learn from dogs and cats how to enjoy it. Well, I still enjoy it, but I just can’t get any.

6 comments on “Bonus Video: Wild in the Snow

  1. That an animal would figure out how to use a sled and ten enjoy using it, tells me something about animals. They are pretty amazingly clever.

  2. These are a wild and crazy bunch. Reminds me of some of the antics
    the grade school kids did on “sled hill” when I was a kid. It was totally nuts.

  3. Looks kind of cold! My brother and I used to play in the snow, making snowmen and doing snowball fights.
    I would like to request “Ding! Dong! Merrily on High” by the King’s College Choir.

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