How Critters Cope with Ice

Most of these cats and dogs seem to be enjoying themselves on the ice, except for those who fall through. And also the poor dogs who can’t climb up a slippery hill without sliding back down.

Gee, it’s been a long time since I cavorted around on the ice…

They Play Like Cats and Dogs

Try as hard as you like, you can’t get frogs to do this–not even grey tree frogs, which are just about the nicest frogs you’d ever want to meet. If you want playing and cuddling, you have to turn to the mammals. (Well, my iguana used to cuddle with a cat and a dog who were his friends, but he never played any games with them.)

See–cats don’t always pick on dogs, and dogs don’t always pick on cats. They can have a lot of fun together.

And fun is a gift of God.


Bonus Video: Wild in the Snow

Are cats and dogs learning how to use sleds? Well, don’t worry until you see them on skis.

I’ve grown used to hearing humans complain about snow (not that it snows that much around here: we’re mostly coping with mud). Maybe we can learn from dogs and cats how to enjoy it. Well, I still enjoy it, but I just can’t get any.

Cats & Puppies

It’s a wise cat who prudently teaches a puppy who’s boss. Some pups learn faster than others. And some cats teach better than others. But woe unto the cat who stinks at this!

Gee, it’s been a long time since I’ve been mobbed by a whole litter of puppies… But I think humans like that better than cats do.

Sanity Break: Puppies & Stairs

I learned a lot from this video. To wit:

Once a puppy gets into the spirit of a thing, he isn’t easily discouraged. You can’t keep a good dog down.

Some dogs think they might be cats.

Puppies learn a lot faster when their mother’s there to teach them. At any rate, they learn much faster than adult human beings.

Music Appreciation for Dogs & Cats

All right, enough of this heavy stuff. If I write one more word about you-know-who today, my brain will wither.

So… Music hath charms, eh? Let’s see if it charms these dogs and cats. All I know is, when I play my harmonica, my cats run away. It’s rather deflating, if the truth be known.