The Nooze I Don’t Cover

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Not that I want to report any nooze at all on a Sunday–but you wouldn’t believe how many suggestions I receive from well-meaning people wanting me to cover this or that story.

But I can’t.

For one thing, it just ain’t practical. For instance, reports of “education” malpractice in our schools and colleges and looniversities would fill a thick book every day. The state of our education system is a thousand times worse than I’ve painted it out to be! No one can keep score: just a few examples have to suffice.

For another thing, if I cover too much nooze, it ruins my complexion. How many ranting, foul-mouthed, wacko Democrats can I quote before my brain starts running out my ears? Leftism is spiritually toxic. The full armor of God must be your Hazmat suit. But even fully protected by God’s Word, there’s only so much of this that I can take.

Anyhow, today is the Lord’s day of rest, the sun has finally peeked out from the dreary grey clouds that hemmed it in all weekend, I think I’ll stand outside and enjoy a nice cigar, and watch some BBC Narnia this afternoon. And if I can manage a bit of Oy, Rodney, I hope it’s as relaxing for you to read as it is for me to write.

5 comments on “The Nooze I Don’t Cover

  1. When you’re outside enjoying your cigar, be careful not to get too close to the vicar’s wading pool.

    I wonder whether I’ll ever feel comfortable around a wading pool again? 🙂

  2. As you said, Leftism is spiritually toxic. This is not about mere politics, this is about whether authority comes from God or men.

  3. “The full armor of God must be your Hazmat suit” – good one, Lee.

    When I watch the evening conservative hosts on Fox cable, they will play a montage of all the wacky things that are being said on the other cable news stations but I fast forward it because I don’t even want to hear it – too toxic.

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