Dogs and Magic Tricks

A disproportionate number of these dogs seem to be huskies. Are huskies particularly credulous, as dog breeds go?

Okay, they did pull the wool over one cat’s eyes, too. He has since been suspended from membership in the cats’ union. And just try the disappearing human trick on any box turtle, and see how far you get.

It is said that The Great Mister Mysto had a pet gopher who never even watched him perform his tricks, but preferred to spend all his time underground.

2 comments on “Dogs and Magic Tricks

  1. Sometimes I think that something is happening with the animal realm. I see signs of animal intelligence in these videos which would have seemed beyond belief to me a few decades ago.

    One other thing I like about these videos is that the young people in them seem like they are pretty nice. It’s good to remember that there are still some fine young folk out there.

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