Oh, No!

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I just realized I haven’t yet devoted a single thought to this week’s Newswithviews column. What can I say but “Fap!”? I am confounded.

Suggestions, anyone? Or should I just take a peek into the crystal ball and see what’s available?

Aaaaaand I’ve got to go to the laundry!

6 comments on “Oh, No!

  1. When I am in a spot like this, I go right to the Lord and ask Him what He would have me say or write. I know you can come up with something with your creative writing ability. Maybe some parables about what is happening, or what should happen?

    1. Thanks, Erlene. I am reminded of a time when Roy White, NY Yankees outfielder, was in such a dreadful batting slump, he wound up asking the fans in the stands for advice on how to get out of it.
      It probably wouldn’t hurt to ask them more often!

      (Gee, I haven’t thought of that anecdote in a long, long time.)

  2. I was unaware of Roy White or anything much about the Yankees either.
    I have heard of others in similar situations who did likewise. Doesn’t hurt to try, anyway.

  3. You could right about Trump’s talk to the nation from the Oval Office and the Dems response following it. How compassionate, factual, and sincere the President was, verses the lies of Chuck & Nancy saying Trump is manufacturing the border crisis – snake oil, anyone?

    1. Border crisis? What border crisis? Haven’t you heard–Americans have no problem with illegal immigration.

      Thanks for the suggestion, but the column was written before the speech.

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