I’ve Been Censored

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My essay on “Boiling-Over Hypocrisy” cannot be posted on Facebook… because it violates FB’s “Community Standards.” I would love to know what “community” they’re talking about.

Maybe it’s the photo I chose to illustrate the post. True, it’s an offensive picture. That’s why I picked it. It offends me. It also happens to be a factual example of what I’m talking about.

Somehow “hate” is never “hate” if it’s practiced by leftids.

Now let’s see if this post is censored, too.

8 comments on “I’ve Been Censored

  1. Join the club. Just a small taste of what Alex Jones has had to endure.

    We need to reconstruct America along Christian lines like it used to be. We need the grace of God to change hearts and renew minds.

    1. Thanks, Jan, I’ll make sure to watch that. (After-supper nap first, though.)
      Go on to read how I got un-censored–I’m rather proud of that!

    1. Nope! It seems you can get around the censor by including a picture of a happy puppy or a puffed-up lizard. See “How I Got Un-Censored.”

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