An Angry Gecko

This is a wild gecko in Australia that came into someone’s house, as geckos often do, and most emphatically didn’t want to leave. Considering the very small size of this lizard, he puts up quite a tussle.  Note the bobbed tail: it probably broke off, some time ago, and didn’t grow back all the way.

BTW, a lot of people like having geckos in their homes. They eat lots and lots of bugs.

In case you thought lizards have no voice, you were wrong. They just don’t feel the need to say much.

3 comments on “An Angry Gecko

  1. He doesn’t seem to mind being held. I wonder why he got so freaked on the floor. Cute little guy.

  2. When I was stationed in the Philippines, we tried to get geckos to stay in our BOQ (bachelor officer quarters) rooms to eat the bugs, but they couldn’t take the air conditioning.

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