‘”Climate Change” Con Artists Caught Again’ (2015)

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All because we wouldn’t pay a carbon tax!

Three years ago they caught NOAA, an agency of the federal government funded by defenseless taxpayers, ***making up*** temperature data to convince the public that Climbit Change It’s Real! and If We Don’t Give Goverment Fantastic New Powers and Lots More Of Our Money We’re All Gonna Die…!


What I want to know is, why weren’t these lying, thieving con men punished? Why wasn’t the head honcho of NOAA called before Congress and told, “You like fast talk: that’s good, because you’re gonna need some now! Give me one good reason why we shouldn’t cut NOAA’s funding, starting by firing you”?

Oh, but anyone in Congress who did that in 2015 would have been called a Racist! And a Climate Change Denier! And Anti-Science!

Fear of the media makes cowards of them all.

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  1. “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” – name-calling that is. I know I am a sinner saved and kept by God’s grace. Call me a racist or anti-Science and you would be wrong. Call me a Climate Change denier and it would be true if you meant man’s actions are causing the planet to warm to the point of great destruction. I know that is rubbish. God controls the climate, not man. The Earth is a huge object. And what is the preferred planet temperature? They never tell us that. They have raised taxes on “carbon” in France and for weeks on end tens of thousands have taken to the streets, and those people love big government, but enough is enough (or so you would think).

    1. The French government found itself forced to suspend the new fuel tax. Someone, at least, still remembers what happened in 1789.

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