Fun with Critters

We have one dog who just can’t wait to get his mail–well, somebody’s mail–another who won’t get down off his high horse, and a fish who fetches tennis balls. What we don’t have is any nooze. I don’t know about you, but that’s the way I like it.

9 comments on “Fun with Critters

  1. These are some really cute animals. I love the horseback riding dog.
    The one waiting for the mail reminds me of my son’s dog. she is gung ho
    over everything that moves.

  2. Loved the bear family crossing the highway. Would NOT love a bear climbing onto my car the way this one did!

  3. We’ve had black bears visit our city from time to time. They are hunted legally when there are too many of them in the woods (but I’m told they don’t taste very good). This video made me thing of how house pets respond to those robo-vacuums that are so popular now.

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