‘The Abuse of Fantasy’ (2015)

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Remember those “Spirit Animals” fantasies, from Scholastic Books? If you don’t, I do. I had to review them. Reading them was like a root canal gone wrong.


Fantasy is a powerful tool for communicating the intangible, especially to children. As a fantasy writer myself, using fantasy to serve an evil purpose is something that makes me quite truly angry. But it should always make you mad to see something good twisted into bad.

We see a lot of that, these days.

3 comments on “‘The Abuse of Fantasy’ (2015)

  1. Remember the film The Golden Compass made from Pullman’s book(s) His Dark Material? That was supposed to counter Lewis’ Chronicles of Narnia. It didn’t.

    1. I wrote up those books pretty harshly: you can find the review in the Archives.
      The Golden Compass movie totally bombed, once parents found out what it was about.
      But boy did they push it in the public schools!

    2. About the only thing I could find to say for it is that it was an atheistic view rather than a Luciferian view. I guess that made it less morally reprehensible as it did not make the bad guys the good guys it only made the good guys just another faction.

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