Nudists Seize Control of Canadian Government!

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Somebody said I might get more readership if I wrote catchier headlines, so let’s see if that works. Any headline with nudists in it ought to inspire curiosity.

Meanwhile, every day I get emails from alleged “conservative” organizations with headlines like “See how Trump put Pelosi out of business for good!” And then you open the email and it’s an ad for socks or something.

Then again, I never went to journalism school, so maybe there are compelling reasons for doing this that I just never heard of.

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  1. I used to go ice skating with nudists. In my twenties, I was invited along with a church group to go ice skating, up in the Rockies. The place had a nice big pond and a large building with benches along the walls and a large open area in the center. My fellow attendees were all familiar to me from church, but I always wondered how an ice skating pond which would lonely be safely frozen over a few months of the year, could support the costs of such a nice building. It. Just didn’t make sense. The building was spacious, rustic, but very warm and pleasant.

    After the fact, I found out that the site of our skating parties was actually a nudist camp. For some strange reason, their business slowed down a bit during the winter and they picked up some extra coinage renting out to skaters. Where that is concerned, being up in the mountains probably kept the place fairly cool, even in the summer months.

    In retrospect, I should have known. All of these people that I knew and trusted were in fact stark naked once you removed the several layers of clothing necessary to function comfortably outdoors during the wintertime in the Colorado Rockies. Sheesh! These were people I trusted, and they were hiding their secret nudism by wearing clothes, but when they showered, that’s when they could no longer conceal the truth about themselves. 🙂

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