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Nudists Seize Control of Canadian Government!

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Somebody said I might get more readership if I wrote catchier headlines, so let’s see if that works. Any headline with nudists in it ought to inspire curiosity.

Meanwhile, every day I get emails from alleged “conservative” organizations with headlines like “See how Trump put Pelosi out of business for good!” And then you open the email and it’s an ad for socks or something.

Then again, I never went to journalism school, so maybe there are compelling reasons for doing this that I just never heard of.

‘Should Journalists Be Beheaded?’ (2016)

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Gee, ya think?

Misbegotten headlines have always been a rich source of accidental comedy (“New insecticide kills aunts on contact!”), but you’d think that today, with all the time and money spent on education, and all the technological back-up, howlers from the press would go extinct. But not so!

“Imam says journalists should be beheaded during Fox News interview.”


I don’t think the headline writer meant to raise the question of should journalists be behead; and, if so, when and where. I wonder what the answer would be, if you took a nationwide poll. During the actual interview, though–I don’t know. It’d make a mess of the studio.

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