Another False Alarm

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Greetings from central New Jersey, where our current temperature is 5 (!) glorious Global Warming degrees–twelve below zero, if you count the wind chill. As usual, we are having gale winds.

I know it has snowed pretty hard elsewhere; but here the big snowstorm that got our mayor dialing his “reverse 911” gadget to declare a snow emergency–well, it never panned out. All we got was torrential rains, followed by this devilish freeze. Lots of ice around to slip on!

We had to grocery-shop this morning, and the wind tore the list out of Patty’s hand and guess who had to chase after it? All across the parking lot, and the next parking lot, and the next one after that, practically out to the Route 1 dodgem derby before a friendly bush reached out and snagged it. I am so glad nobody has this on video…

Oh, if only we had paid a carbon tax! If only the federal government had the authority to ration toilet paper! Then none of this winter stuff would happen! We’d have this beautiful balmy weather all the time, a global climate, controlled by politicians and their tame scientists, and the only time it would ever get windy or cold would be if there was racism or something.

‘Give Me Taxes or Give Me Death’ (2013)

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Easily preventable by raising taxes!

The Left is never going to give up on Global Warming/Climbit Change. Here they are five years ago, yapping about how “millions will die” unless we let them hit us with a carbon tax.

Please, never let another Democrat get into the White House.

GOP Has-Beens Push for Carbon Tax

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Y’know, you can’t take your eyes off our nation’s so-called leaders for a cotton-pickin’ minute without them getting up to serious mischief.

Now it’s a bunch of Republican has-beens and wannabes, including former nonentity-in-chief Mitt Romney, calling itself “The Climate Leadership Council,” meeting with President Donald Trump’s economic advisers to urge the administration to sock the American people with a “climate tax” ( ).

Proposing to cut costly and foolish regulations in return for a tax on carbon dioxide emissions, these formerly important people are calling it “the climate deal everybody wants.”

Well, not quite everybody.

Dudes! Like, how many times do NASA and NOAA and all those other gaggles of “climate scientists” have to get caught red-handed, lying and cheating, inventing some data and suppressing others–I mean, it’s practically every other day now, and you still believe them? Are you that stupid?

These men deserve to be has-beens.

Fact: There is no such thing as “man-made climate change” that can be controlled by government action.

To quote the Bloomberg news article, “It is unclear how the new plan will be received by Republicans in the White House…”

Like this, I hope!

Global Warming, the Lie That Will Not Die

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So now it’s the reindeer. Yup–according to a report by a “global news agency” called AFP, Global Warming’s gonna wipe out all the reindeer ( ).

Now get this. In the same article, they say the poor reindeer are getting smaller and smaller as the Arctic gets warmer and warmer, they are any day now gonna suffer “a catastrophic die-off”–and yet at the same time, reindeer “numbers have increased over the past two decades.”

Neat trick, eh? Starving to death and steadily increasing their numbers at the same time.

And this tragic business is all gonna stop, once we encumber ourselves with a whopping big “carbon tax”? While Kerry and Obama and Gore and the rest of ’em go on living in mansions and zooming all over the world in private jets? Big Government and Big Science are gonna step in and control the natural processes of the earth?

It only takes two words to explain this whole Climate Change business.

Power grab.

Flash! Centaur Sighting

Proof that Man-Made Anthropogenic Oh-Boy Climate Change is real, real, real:

Half a dozen people in a certain town–which must not be identified for fear that Biggits and Haters will show up there–and come to think of it, those people must not be identified, either–well, anyhow, just last night, they saw a centaur dash right across the main street of their town.

The source of this news report must not be identified in case the Climate Change Deniers should hassle them.

A prominent Scientist, identity withheld to protect him from a Vast Right-wing Conspiracy, said “Because centaurs are caused by Climate Change, Income Inequality, and Microaggression, and the problem can only be solved by giving absolute power to government agencies staffed by unelected bureaucrats, you’re going to see a lot more centaurs before the whole planet suddenly boils over just because you ignorant anti-Science ijjits out there were too cheap to pay a whopping great Carbon Tax.”

It is reported that the centaur ran right across the street in full few of half a dozen patrons coming out of a tavern at closing time, turned and made a rude noise at them, and then disappeared into an alley.

“It’ll be the Loch Ness Monster next,” remarked the unidentified Scientist. “Mark my words.”

The Baddest Hurricane Ever

So what were they saying yesterday? Remember? “Worst storm in history! Winds at 200 mph! Doom, doom, doom!” And, oh yeah, this–“There must be a Global Climate Treaty before it’s too late!”

What a difference a day makes.

As of this morning, Supercolossal Storm Patricia was downgraded to ordinary bad weather, no big deal, all storm warnings canceled ( ).

Is it at all possible that the Climate Gang were trying to stampede the public into belief in Global Warming and the imminent extinction of the human race unless we give our leaders fantastic new powers and pay a whopping great carbon tax?

As it is, God’s judgment is coming down on us and we don’t even see it, although it’s all right in front of our eyes. National borders ruptured, crime and chaos as Muslim hordes pour into the West. Marriage redefined, Christians thrown in jail or stripped of their livelihood for refusing to take part in a “gay wedding.” Planned Parenthood caught red-handed selling baby parts, “harvested” with the baby still alive, and Congress able to do nothing but wring its hands and babble about “women’s health.”

One of these days, maybe, there really will be a superstorm and no one will pay attention to the warnings because they’ll think it’s all just hype and scare-mongering like it’s been so many times before.

Oh, how badly do they want their global government, with themselves in charge! What won’t they do to get it! “People, people, you gotta trust us! You gotta let us Save the Planet! Give us all the power, give us all your money…”

Even if we wanted to, how could we give government the power to stop hurricanes? Not to mention earthquakes, droughts, fire and floods.

It is God whose hand forms the hurricane and turns it loose. No matter what we let Gore and Obama and Kerry and the rest of them do to us, no matter how many of our freedoms they devour, no matter how much of our wealth they confiscate, they can’t protect us from God’s judgment.

So this superstorm fizzled out. Global Warming itself fizzled out years ago. The Bad Guys bitterly cling to it as their great white hope of achieving total domination of their fellow human beings.

But the worst problem is that we don’t know God’s judgment when we see it. That’s the part that scares me.