Austerity for You; Luxury for Them

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It’s the only way to fly!

What? You still believe in Man-Made Global Warming? And that Big Government and Big Science, working together, can create and control a global climate–all they need is more power, more money?

You poor sap!

As the globalist snake oil salesmen gather at Davos for this year’s World Economic Forum, they are expected to arrive in at least 1,500 private jets (, up from last year’s 1,300. Can you say “carbon footprint”?

Meanwhile, they’re sayin’ you ought to be socked with a 70% tax rate while they bask in the loopholes, eating kobe beef and circling overhead in their private jets to watch you jump through all the hoops they’ve set up for you. They’re laughing at you, suckers.

(Still think we don’t really need the Second Amendment?)

Have you noticed at all that the fat cats don’t act for a minute like they believe the s*** they’re selling you? Like, the world is gonna end in 12 years unless they and their pet scientists stop Climbit Change! And the only way they can do it is if they can make you live like 11th-century Russian peasants!

Fifteen hundred private jets.

And you still believe a single word these varmints say?

9 comments on “Austerity for You; Luxury for Them

  1. As Rosanna Rosannadana said “And that’s the truth”! The only thing I could add to this article are links to articles & documents proving every word Lee wrote is the truth. And in answer to his question at the end, not me, not us, but yes for those who eat fakenews for breakfast, listen to the well-rehearsed & collective speeches of leftist politicians, and choose their candidates who “look” good – like lipstick on a pig.

  2. “like lipstick on a pig”.. you said it. I never did believe them, do not now and never will believe a word they push out there. In fact, I never, NEVER even listen to their rhetoric any more. Puny little man, thinking he can control anything at all is truly laughable. They only draw their next breath at the permission of the ONE who truly rules the universe.

  3. All I can say to them on that is “good luck, fools” but don’t hold your breath.
    On second thought, go ahead, hold your breath, and … well, you know.

  4. Even if their paradigm was true (which it isn’t), China & India are not about to stop burning dirty coal – so what’s the use? America has voluntarily lowered its carbon output. Man is adaptable, and solving problems is part of his kingdom of God building calling. Preaching the Gospel and the regeneration of men’s hearts is always the bottom line answer. No other foundation can be laid other than that of Jesus Christ.

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