WEF Again: ‘We Don’t Need You People’

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Yuval in his playpen

And here again pipes up Yuval Harari, No. 2 termite of the World Economic Forum, proclaiming “We don’t need the vast majority of the population” (https://freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/4085101/posts).

A few months ago he was nattering on about keeping the plebs anesthetized with drugs and video games. And him a citizen of the state of Israel, a state born out of the horrors of the Holocaust. You’d think he should’ve learned a lesson from that.

But chimpanzee scientist Jane Goodall has him beat. The ol’ Planet would be doing just fine, she sez, if only we could get rid of “94%” of the earth’s human population.

Do you ever get the feeling that these people who want to be our lords and masters aren’t exactly fond of us? Like, maybe we should make damned sure they never get the power to act on their depraved impulses?

What’s your Final Solution, WEF? How many of us will you leave alive?

May God Himself defend us.

WEF: Dystopia ‘R’ Us

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You don’t need no stinkin’ cars!

The World Economic Forum wants to ban private ownership of cars and would like most of you peasants to give up your cell phones, too. There’s nowhere you really need to go, and no one whom you really need to talk to (https://www.vikendi.net/2022/07/26/schwabs-wef-instructs-governments-to-ban-private-car-ownership-as-soon-as-possible/).

Leftids hate that regular people have cars and can go wherever they please. Henry Ford virtually invented the American middle class by manufacturing affordable cars. We owe much to private car ownership–and curse us for fools if we ever let a bunch of stuffed shirts in Davos take it away.

As for us peasants having cell phones (not that I, personally, want one), there’s supposedly a shortage of rare metals, etc., so really these amenities should be reserved to our masters.

You can tell me globalism is not satanic in its origin, but I won’t believe you.


Isaiah: ‘Cease Ye from Man’

Davos delegates are categorized from 1 to 7 by the WEF — Quartz

Hard, maybe even impossible, to imagine a less fitting object of worship

“Using technology wisely,” says Humanist Manifesto II, we can do bloody anything (my paraphrase): we shall be as gods. We create Science, and Science turns us into gods.

So we see the whole universe as random, accidental, without anything resembling a purpose, no reason for existing–and we impose order on it! Oooh, we could just hug and kiss ourselves all over!

Isaiah’s warning hits like a smack between the shoulder-blades:

Cease ye from man, whose breath is in his nostrils; for wherein is he to be accounted of?  –Isaiah 2:22

Looking at the recently departed 20th century, one might easily conclude that the thing we’re really good at is murdering each other. What will be the 21st century’s theme? Looks like creating counterfeit reality. Yeah, that’ll serve us well.

As we speak, the world’s self-anointed godlets are gathered in Davos to discuss new and more effective ways to herd the rest of us like cattle.

God has warned us: these cunning plans, these clever schemes hatched by fools and mountebanks, will come to nothing.

Don’t be caught on their side when the judgment comes.


They Want to ‘Recalibrate’ Our Rights

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And you thought movie monsters were bad? You’ve never been to Davos!

Does your country have an “eSafety Commissioner”? If it does, that’s a sure sign that the government is collecting more of your money in taxes than is good for you.

Australia’s eSafety Commissioner won some applause at the World Economic Forum recently when she suggested “recalibration of a whole range of human rights,” especially free speech (https://www.zerohedge.com/political/freedom-speech-needs-recalibration-aussie-commissioner-sparks-outrage-wef).

Hmm… Recalibrated by… whom? Let me take a wild guess: by a cabal of elite globalist kooks in Davos–the World Economic Forum? Our rights “recalibrated” by them? Good Lord, who do they think they are? And where do they think they are?

Yeahbut, yeahbut! They’ve gotta protect us from the scourge of [sinister alp-horn fanfare, regular trumpets won’t do] Online Violence! Is that that thing where you turn on your computer and a boxing glove shoots out from your screen and hits you? Or is that just someone dissing the Drag Queen Story Hour? Oh, let the globalist decide!

What would “freedom of speech” and other basic human rights look like after these wicked evil persons finished “recalibrating” them?

Pray we never have to find out.

My Newswithviews Column, May 19 (‘Toward a World Government Run by Lunatics’)

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Warning! Extremely toxic, may cause death if swallowed.

They create the crises and the messes, and then they offer to clean them up–for a price! Not much different from an old-fashioned extortion racket.

We are, of course, talking about the Global Governance-Great Reset-All the Money Flows to Davos crowd.  They’ll give us health and safety and equality and blind dates that turn out really nice… as long as we give them damn near all our money and all of our freedoms except the “right” to fornicate. For reasons of their own, they’ll let us keep that one.

Toward a World Government Run by Lunatics

Thank God we have our midterm elections before Davos can pull the plug on our national sovereignty. A thorough wipe-out of the Democrats ought to keep us out of the globalists’ museum of shattered nations.

And by all that’s holy, America needs to be steered well clear of the World Economic Forum… and all the rest of it.

‘The Illusion of Control’ (2019)

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In Jurassic Park, the dinosaurs get loose and kill people. The reason they’re able to do this is because the park’s creators are 100% convinced they’re in control, nothing can ever happen to upset their plans.

They’re wrong. Horribly wrong.

The Illusion of Control

The chief danger of this age, worse than any T. rex, is globalist fat-heads who want to be as gods, controlling everything. They actually think they can do it–that’s what makes them dangerous. The World Economic Forum is one of Satan’s masterpieces.

Michael Crichton, educated in science and on a first-name basis with many scientists in many fields of study, made a career of warning us all about the limits of science–and what can happen when we go beyond those limits.

No one believed him.

Do we really have to wait for these WEF jidrools to drop a major catastrophe on us before we get wise to them?

‘Austerity for You; Luxury for Them’ (2019

See the source image

It’s the only way to fly!

Answer this question honestly.

Do any of the rich, powerful, stuck-up “climate change” mob act like they believe a single word of what they’re selling to the rest of us?

Austerity for You; Luxury for Them

Well, okay, maybe Greta Thunberg. She has the excuse of being a radically screwed-up kid. She used to be famous. Can’t say I miss her.

But Obama? Kerry? Pelosi? Their Satiricon lifestyle gets more opulent by the month. Each of them leaves a carbon footprint that it’d take a whole townful of normal people to make. But they aren’t a bit worried over it. Just as long as they can keep us down.

Who’s to say these abominable “leaders” have not been put here by God as punishment for our sins?

‘Binding the Sheaves of Idiocy’ (2015)

The Three Stooges were funny; the World Economic Forum isn’t.

When you take a good hard look at what the Far Left is selling, you have to wonder, “Are they freakin’ crazy?”

Binding the Sheaves of Idiocy

They tie it all together. Climate Change, transgender “rights”, Income Inequality, systemic racism, yatta-yatta blah-blah-blah.

And now they’ve got King COVID. So close to global government, they can taste it! Like, if they can’t manage it now, they’ll never get a better chance.

But if we can defeat them now, with God’s help, we may get a breathing space.

‘Ninnie Links “Climate Change” to “Income Inequality”‘ (2015)

Rich People Don't Know How To Cook,' Says New Report | HuffPost UK Comedy

I think they forgot to send me an invitation.

Every year, this drivel comes oozing out of the World Economic Forum. Do they honestly think anyone believes them?

Ninnie Links ‘Climate Change’ to ‘Income Inequality’

We have Income Inequality because we have Climate Change, and we have Climate Change because we’ve got Income Inequality (and ableism, too; don’t forget ableism)–and the solution to the problem is bigger, richer, more powerful government! Like it always is.

No government has ever succeeded in making all its people rich. But many governments have made their people poor.

What? We Don’t Trust the Elites?

World Economic Forum: 50 years in 50 seconds - CNN Video

Have they any idea how funny they would be, if they couldn’t hurt us?

Yes, the World Economic Forum is cranking away, up there in the Alps, enjoying its “Great Narrative Conference” (We could have a contest to guess what that is).

Big shots expressed delight that the global elites are cozier with each other than ever before. That’s the good news (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/globalists-world-economic-forum-happy-get-along-shocked-no-one-trusts/). The bad news is that “in every single country” they checked, regular people do not trust them. Not a bit.

Ingrates. They don’t even trust Dr. Fauci, who took the floor to vilify his critics.

Archbishop Vigano says God will protect and help those who resist the New World Order. He has not been invited to address the Forum.

Gosh. Why don’t we trust a bunch of rich fat cats to rule the world? If we were even half as crazy as they think we are, we’d trust ’em.

Check out the Laura Ingraham video embedded in the GP article: Dinesh D’Souza on what it’s like to be on the ski slopes with nimrods who think they ought to rule the world.