What? We Don’t Trust the Elites?

World Economic Forum: 50 years in 50 seconds - CNN Video

Have they any idea how funny they would be, if they couldn’t hurt us?

Yes, the World Economic Forum is cranking away, up there in the Alps, enjoying its “Great Narrative Conference” (We could have a contest to guess what that is).

Big shots expressed delight that the global elites are cozier with each other than ever before. That’s the good news (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2022/01/globalists-world-economic-forum-happy-get-along-shocked-no-one-trusts/). The bad news is that “in every single country” they checked, regular people do not trust them. Not a bit.

Ingrates. They don’t even trust Dr. Fauci, who took the floor to vilify his critics.

Archbishop Vigano says God will protect and help those who resist the New World Order. He has not been invited to address the Forum.

Gosh. Why don’t we trust a bunch of rich fat cats to rule the world? If we were even half as crazy as they think we are, we’d trust ’em.

Check out the Laura Ingraham video embedded in the GP article: Dinesh D’Souza on what it’s like to be on the ski slopes with nimrods who think they ought to rule the world.

‘Davos Wing-Ding Under Way’ (2017)

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Ah, the World Economic Forum! A time for globalist golems to get together and plot against our freedom.

Davos Wing-ding Under Way

This one, of course, was pre-COVID. They hadn’t yet realized they could actually lock down the whole world’s economy–just as if the whole place were s giant prison!

They want global government so bad, they can taste it. With themselves in charge, of course. Always with themselves at the tippy-top of the pyramid.

Let’s pray that this is the year the whole woke booshwa collides with oblivion.

Globalist Fat Cats Want Us to Eat Weeds

Garden Guide: What's Eating My Plants?

Ooh-ooh, bugs and leaves together! Chow time!

They’re always trying to get us to eat bugs; now they want us to eat weeds, too. So proclaims the World Economic Forum (https://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2020/11/globalist-elites-world-economic-forum-tell-public-start-eating-weeds/).

See, it’s the Great Reset, which our Free & Independent Bull-Schiff Nooze Media pooh-poohs as a conspiracy theory, there’s no such thing–even though the loathsome John Kerry gave a speech about it at the forum.

Anyway, us working-class deplorables ought to be eating insects and weeds “to accommodate for global population growth” (they’re not aborting babies fast enough). It’s part of their mission for “leaders of society–” self-anointed, of course–“to shape global, regional, and industry agendas.”

And who elected them to “shape” anything? Probably some of those 80 zillion Biden voters.

And now they’ve got their buddy in the White House. Ol’ “Always for Sale” Biden. At least they think they do.

May the Lord cut them down in their hubris.

Prince Charles Flies 16,000 Miles for Date with Greta

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Prince Charles, who could become King of England someday, ought to be given an award for climate change hypocrisy after using three private jets and one helicopter, flying 16,000 miles, all told, before coming to earth at Davos for a photo op with teenage climate scold Greta Thunberg, at the World Economic Forum (https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7929735/Prince-Charles-flew-16-000-miles-just-11-days-proudly-posing-Greta-Thunberg-Davos.html).

After which he hopped on another private jet and flew to Israel.

Pretty big carbon footprint there, eh? Not to mention a cost of some 280,000 Pounds to the British taxpayers. They do rub it in our faces, don’t they?

Hey! Isn’t he supposed to walk, or bike, or take an oxcart?

Not one of the world’s Climate change honchos–no, not one–acts like he believes a single word of the climate apocalypse snake oil that he’s pitching to the public.

And meanwhile Greta gets to hobnob with the Prince of Wales and lecture world leaders on how doomed we are if they don’t do as she says. She’s only 16 now. Wait’ll she’s 20. She’ll be crazier than Caligula.

Austerity for You; Luxury for Them

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It’s the only way to fly!

What? You still believe in Man-Made Global Warming? And that Big Government and Big Science, working together, can create and control a global climate–all they need is more power, more money?

You poor sap!

As the globalist snake oil salesmen gather at Davos for this year’s World Economic Forum, they are expected to arrive in at least 1,500 private jets (https://www.france24.com/en/20190122-never-mind-climate-change-davos-prefers-private-jets), up from last year’s 1,300. Can you say “carbon footprint”?

Meanwhile, they’re sayin’ you ought to be socked with a 70% tax rate while they bask in the loopholes, eating kobe beef and circling overhead in their private jets to watch you jump through all the hoops they’ve set up for you. They’re laughing at you, suckers.

(Still think we don’t really need the Second Amendment?)

Have you noticed at all that the fat cats don’t act for a minute like they believe the s*** they’re selling you? Like, the world is gonna end in 12 years unless they and their pet scientists stop Climbit Change! And the only way they can do it is if they can make you live like 11th-century Russian peasants!

Fifteen hundred private jets.

And you still believe a single word these varmints say?

Davos Wing-ding Under Way

Can they bring back the jackalope?

Davos 2017, the World Economic Forum (http://investorplace.com/2017/01/davos-2017/), opened yesterday, and has already pumped out enough B.S. to fertilize the Sahara Desert.

First up, the whoopee crowd honored a bunch of Celebrities for all the truly great things they’ve done. It came up in the conversation: “We are working to end violence in the world.”

I keep telling you, liberals want to be gods. They’re going to end violence? Who do they think they are? Like, if there was a way “to end violence,” no one would have figured it out by now? We had to wait umpteen thousand years for today’s celebs to come along? Talking about taking yourself too seriously–!

Then, predictably, the Davos mob declared 2016 to have been “the hottest year on record.” They do this every year. They still haven’t given up on using the boogie-man of Climate Change to scare us into giving them absolute power over every aspect of life.

Among their big concerns this year is how to stop populism, as exemplified by Donald Trump, and get poor us to fall in love with globalism again. They think we’ve been tricked into not worshiping them.

Finally, I have an unconfirmed report that the Forum plans to spend $305 billion (that’s one thousand billion Euros) to re-establish the jackalope as the dominant herbivore in North America. Former Secretary of State John Kerry, attending Davos 2017 as a washed-up chowderhead, says the jackalope can prosper on government-owned land, “but only if the government owns all the land.”

Stay tuned for further fun developments as the world’s richest, smartest people get together to screw us.