My Newswithviews Column, Jan. 19 (‘When Will “Woke” Come Crashing Down?’)

Miami building collapse: What could have caused it? - BBC News

“Hey, Irv–didn’t this used to be the World Economic Forum?”

Throughout history, tyranny has generated threats that seemed unstoppable. Who in 1940 thought the Third Reich would fail? And remember U.S. Democrats in the 1970s trying to get favorable surrender terms from the Soviet Union?

But they weren’t unstoppable, were they?

And neither is “Woke.”

When Will ‘Woke’ Come Crashing Down?

They’re setting up the chairs in Davos, the private jets are flying in, as the globalist doomsayers get ready for their annual doomfest. They don’t think any power on this earth can hold them back.

That’s what they always think, before God takes them down.

“‘P.C. Police: Diversity Squad” (Sponsors Wanted)’ (2015)

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Anything to promote Diversity!

This show is rapidly being eclipsed by the FBI’s new-found role as the Administration’s goon squad. Hard to get excited by the Diversity Squad breaking down non-conformists’ doors in the middle of the night when the FBI mugs an ex-president. But I guess it’s the best TV can do.

‘P.C. Police: Diversity Squad’ ( Sponsors Wanted)

This Just In: P.C. Police: Diversity Squad has just received the World Economic Forum Seal of Approval–which means that watching it will be compulsory, once they set up their global government.

Chimp Lady: ‘Depopulate the Earth!’

How Big Do Chameleons Get? - AZ Animals

I don’t feel like posting pictures of any of these people. Here’s a nice chameleon instead.

You don’t have to watch this video. It’s only here because I consider it my duty to remind us all what we’re up against.

Jane Goodall became famous for studying chimpanzees and becoming a PBS TV star, not to mention National Geographic specials.

Another video has surfaced. In 2020, an older but no-way wiser Jane Goodall addressed the fun-loving statist monsters at the World Economic Forum. Here she publicly said some 7.5 billion human beings need to be gotten rid of, somehow, to beat Climbit Chainge ( Makes you wonder what she learned from those chimpanzees.

Well, they’re doing what they can to erase our species, aren’t they? Transgender, homosexuality, breaking up families, permissive drug policies, assisted suicide, “vaccines” that just might kill you dead… etc. They don’t like us and they don’t want us here.

God loves us and wants us to be here.

Choose which side you want to be on.


‘Has Britain Really Turned Against Christianity?’ (2015) Midsomer Murders: Set Eight (The Maid in Splendour / The Straw  Woman / Ghosts of Christmas Past) : John Nettles, John Hopkins, Caroline  Graham: Movies & TV

I almost never post two older essays in one day, but I happened upon this one today and thought I’d better bring it back again.

Has Britain Really Turned Against Christianity?

It’s been seven years since this was posted, and can anybody say that things have gotten any better? Has our popular culture cleaned up its act at all?

We all–yes, all–have to get more serious about serving the Lord and remembering that this earth is His, not ours. Who was talking about the World Economic Forum in 2015? But you can be sure they were working very hard, even back then, to estrange us from our rightful King and Savior, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. And others started in on that years, decades, and even centuries before.

Now we are seeing the fruits of their labors: abortion, transgender, assisted suicide as the answer to life’s problems, grooming young children for sex, and all the rest of it.

And by their fruits, as Jesus said, ye shall know them.

P.S.–Be sure to read the 33 comments: it’s quite a discussion. And of course you can add to it yourselves.

Globalist’s ‘Spiritual Leader’ Stumps for ‘Depopulation’

Wow! He even looks “spiritual”!

Hey, hey! You can’t have a cult without a spiritual leader! The World Economic Forum knows that… so they’ve got one. Some yogi named “Sadhguru,” whose Great Spiritual Message is there are too many of us and most of us have got to go (

We told you. Toldja, toldja! The WEF is a death cult, hostile to the human race. What’s this compulsion to have babies? Eh? Soddy sez the current human population needs “three planet Earths” to be “sustainable.” Zero population growth’s not good enough: “We have to go into a minus,” sez he.

We don’t see him volunteering to be the first to walk the plank. But WEF’s No. 2 guy, Yuval Whatsisname, calls most of us “useless eaters” who have to be kept quiet with drugs and video games while they decide what to do with us.

“All they that hate me love death,” says the Bible (Proverbs 8: 36). Bullseye for the Word of God.

Many of those who are sure they’ll be among the happy few left alive, if the WEF gets its way, are in for a nasty surprise. “You blocks, you stones, you worse than senseless things…” (Shakespeare, Julius Caesar)

Arrogance: ‘We Own the Science’

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Worshiping the Golden Calf–some things never change.

Some dindle from the United Nations has let the mask slip.

“We own the science,” she said, at a World Economic Forum pow-wow, “and the world should know that” (

She also bragged, “We partnered with Google” and other Big Tech to suppress anything that went against the globalist “science narrative,” labeling all dissent “disinformation.” See, they’re the only ones who’re giving you the straight dope. The UN, the WEF, and Big Tech. I mean, if you can’t trust them, who can you trust?

The UN Under-secretary for Global Communications–hot dog. I won’t bother to type out her name: her kind is a dime a dozen.

Y’know–if the “science” really is “owned” by some political faction, then it isn’t really science at all, is it?

What do you get when you mix science and politics? You get politics!

‘U.N. Tomfools At It Again’ (2016)

Petition · Defund the UN and its Corrupt Practices ·

Abusing America with America’s money!

Lately the United Nations has been letting the World Economic Forum, Big Tech, and undergrown nimrods to do its dirty work. But six years ago, they unleashed their Working Group of Experts on People of African Descent…

U.N. Tomfools at It Again

We get this demand for “reparations” from some of the same countries that still practice slavery within their borders–and they preach to us? We got rid of it over 150 years ago… and at a cost of half a million lives. We gave at the office, sunshine.

When are we going to wise up and part company with these international crooks, thieves, and babblers? I mean, if there are any bigger hypocrites anywhere on earth, I don’t know where we’d find them.

WEF: ‘How Can We Fool the Peasants?’

36 best quotes from Davos 2016 | World Economic Forum

The predators

The World Economic Forum–unelected wannabe dictators–has called on, um, “scientists” to figure out why people refuse to take the COVID vaccines (which are not really vaccines in the sense we’ve always understood the world) ( They’ve set aside at least $20 million for a “Mercury Project” to find ways to counter people’s resistance to their “vaccinate”-everyone-on-earth campaign.

Dudes, let me save you some money! Here’s why we won’t let you “vaccinate” us.

We don’t trust you. Not for a New York minute.

We don’t trust your experimental mis-named “vaccines.” We’re afraid your “jabs” will destroy our health and maybe even kill us. “Vaccinated” people in the prime of life are dropping dead all over the world. It doesn’t build confidence, sunshine.

We know you hate us and despise us. You haven’t been exactly bashful about letting it show.

We are sure you’re trying to subject us to some global government that will closely resemble the Chinese Communist Party. You have an insatiable lust for power and wealth, all at our expense. You are not nice people.

Once you achieve 100% “COVID compliance,” you’ll shoot for 100% compliance with everything the goverment wants to do, and total control of human life. If anybody still wants to live, once you’ve carried out your utopian projects that will wreck our world. A future of eating bugs because the Kobe beef crowd at the WEF says we should–that’s just not appealing.

The self-anointed global elite is a parasitic species living off the lifeblood of humanity. This is Dracula times a thousand. May God defend us.

WEF Again: ‘We Don’t Need You People’

Official Website - Yuval Noah Harari

Yuval in his playpen

And here again pipes up Yuval Harari, No. 2 termite of the World Economic Forum, proclaiming “We don’t need the vast majority of the population” (

A few months ago he was nattering on about keeping the plebs anesthetized with drugs and video games. And him a citizen of the state of Israel, a state born out of the horrors of the Holocaust. You’d think he should’ve learned a lesson from that.

But chimpanzee scientist Jane Goodall has him beat. The ol’ Planet would be doing just fine, she sez, if only we could get rid of “94%” of the earth’s human population.

Do you ever get the feeling that these people who want to be our lords and masters aren’t exactly fond of us? Like, maybe we should make damned sure they never get the power to act on their depraved impulses?

What’s your Final Solution, WEF? How many of us will you leave alive?

May God Himself defend us.

WEF: Dystopia ‘R’ Us

15,746 Crowded Bus Stock Photos, Pictures & Royalty-Free Images - iStock

You don’t need no stinkin’ cars!

The World Economic Forum wants to ban private ownership of cars and would like most of you peasants to give up your cell phones, too. There’s nowhere you really need to go, and no one whom you really need to talk to (

Leftids hate that regular people have cars and can go wherever they please. Henry Ford virtually invented the American middle class by manufacturing affordable cars. We owe much to private car ownership–and curse us for fools if we ever let a bunch of stuffed shirts in Davos take it away.

As for us peasants having cell phones (not that I, personally, want one), there’s supposedly a shortage of rare metals, etc., so really these amenities should be reserved to our masters.

You can tell me globalism is not satanic in its origin, but I won’t believe you.