‘They Can’t Help Telling Us Who They Are’ (2014)

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Honestly–does this entertain you?

What do “entertainers” have to do, anymore, to clue us into them? Walk around with sandwich boards that say “I am a Satanist”?

Here’s the 2014 Grammys–five years ago, boys ‘n’ girls–with Katy Perry, once a Christian, serving up something, uh, “dark and witchy” (https://leeduigon.com/2014/01/28/they-cant-help-telling-us-who-they-are/).

And people watched it. People who are not satanists. That’s the part I don’t get. Why do we provide an audience for these creeps? What would they have to do, to alienate the public?

On second thought, don’t try to answer that.

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  1. It’s quite revealing. I used to think that when the time for judging came, people would try to conceal their deeds, but it seems like much of this bad behavior is not only being practiced openly, but it is glorified as if it were a source of great pride. I wonder how this will seem to them when Christ returns.

    I remember seeing a gag bumper sticker, many years ago, which said words to the effect of: Jesus is coming, and is angry. Maybe it’s not such a joke.

  2. What you have written about should frighten you far more than apparently it does. What do they have to do to “clue” their audience into them? Nothing. Sadly, most of their audience knows EXACTLY what they do and what they are and they accept it because most comedy and entertainment REFLECTS its audience! They aren’t trying to seduce us to their side. They are giving what their audience wants. We aren’t their audience and, frankly, they don’t care! If they DID care, there would be some hope for the future but, alas, I do not see it.

    1. That’s the point, people are consuming this information voluntarily. They are watching it because they want that sort of thing. I’ve all but given up on newly produced entertainment, be it music, movies or television.

      Just reverse the analysis; would such entertainment have found a large audience decades ago? It’s not a stark demarcation point, it’s been a gradual process that has desensitized the masses and made them more receptive to material that would have been considered unacceptable in the past. Satan knows his business.

    2. I guess I ought to write a post on this tomorrow. For the time being, I think the biggest problem here is “Oh, it’s only a movie,” “It’s only a music video,” etc. People do not understand that their “entertainment” is a form of passive self-education.

    3. My problem is that far too many decent and optimistic Americans put the cart/coffin before the horse/jackass, so to speak. They believe that it is the Media and the “entertainment” industry that is influencing the current culture when, in fact, the current culture has produced the Media and the “entertainment” industry. These good people hope that by creating a BETTER Media-Entertainment offering, the culture will also be made better. It doesn’t work that way. FIRST we have to improve the culture ~ if possible! ~ and the rest will follow for these industries are, first and foremost, motivated by PROFIT! They produce what they know will sell and that is why it is pointless to try to “fix” things from the wrong end.

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