Mars Rover Solves Age-Old Mystery

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How many times have you unloaded a washing machine and discovered you had a sock missing? And you just can’t find it anywhere?

That mystery has now been solved by NASA’s Mars Rover. The little robot, crawling along the red sands of Mars, has bumped into what has been described as “a whole freakin’ mountain of missing socks.”

So that’s where they went…

NASA custodial engineer Tars Tarkas said, “I knew they’d discover something like this, someday! Uh, please step aside so I can mop that spot–thank you. Betcha there’s a mountain of little plastic army men up there, too.”

NASA project director John Carter denied reports of the discovery and called them “mischief perpetrated by racists who are trying to get us all hauled off to a rubber room somewhere.” Replied Tarkas, “I’ve got tenure, so he can go get stuffed. I’ll still be here long after he’s gone.”

There are currently no plans to bring the socks back to earth, according to assistant director Camilo Pascual, who wishes to remain anonymous.

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