Crazy Hamsters

Hamsters do a lot of things that are fun to watch–just just about impossible to understand. They give a new piquancy to the term “fall asleep.” They’re always eating. And how they spin around like they do, without getting helplessly dizzy for the rest of their lives, is something that merits serious investigation. Just in case we want to do it, too.

5 comments on “Crazy Hamsters

  1. Bummer! the video didn’t show up on my computer, just an error message.

    In any event, hamsters are about as cute as any critter can be, and very entertaining. I haven’t had one in years (I have a cat, doncha know), but I miss their shenanigans.

  2. Hey! I refreshed the page, and now the video is back. That was great and a certain feline has asked me to convert her appreciation for one of the most interesting cinema experiences of her young life.

    How do such tiny, delicate little creatures run like that? They are tough little guys. How do they not get dizzy? How about the hamster that taught himself to do back-flips? Amazing! Our God is an awesome God.

    1. I attribute it to a one-time problem. When a web page loads a lot of things happen all at once. If you go to a major news page, there may be content loading from hundreds of sources. It’s amazing how well it all actually works.

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