Sentors Thay are Prooof Of Climbit Chainge!!!

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Wel lets See “the” Climbit Chainge Denilers get Out “of” thiss one!!!!!

This hear is a actural fotograft “of” a Wiled Sentor standding aruound doing Nothing! It whas takin behynd somone’s House in ether Mitchagin or Spane (i fourget witch one) or else som Other Staite!!

As we has lernt in Femmanast Zooolagy themb Sentors thay ownly “come Out” wen thare is Climbit Chainge and Globle Worming!! Som Hater he sayed Sentors thay “are” jist Mathollagy fromb wen thare was only Greeeks and no otther kineds of peple whoo Did Not Evolv yet but six of us we throed his Byke “in” the Pond so he Shut Up!!

Sentors are Danjeras becose thay “go” to Chick-Fill-Ay wen thare isnt no one looking and thenn “thay” come Out and do Racism! and aslo thay Stop peple fromb Recykling! and thay “are” Hard “to” see unlest yiu Smoak a lott of wheed otherwhys thay jist sort Of “blend in to” the Backround!!! its No Joak a Hand Made zhe was kilt bye a Sentor wile zhe whas Eating Luntch that hapened in Scott Land or somplaice!!!

“The” only whay to Stop Sentors is iff Evry One thay has to pay A Carbin Tacks and not has cars no moar and let the Govermint “racion” Toylet Paper!!! We has got To Stop Globble Worming!! and Climbit Chainge!!! and than “the” Sentors thay “whil” go “awway”!!!!!


8 comments on “Sentors Thay are Prooof Of Climbit Chainge!!!

  1. What’s really funny is that when I first glanced at this, I thought it said “Senator.” And truly, if you go back and substitute “Senator” every time you see “Sentor,” it almost makes sense. 🙂 🙂 Well, okay, maybe it doesn’t make sense, but it does get even funnier.

    1. I suspect he’s making this offer knowing the Dems won’t take it, and so setting them up as the parties to blame for the stalemate. It looks to me (and I could be wrong) that he’s playing chess better than the bad guys.

    2. I think you’re right. Thanks for replying. I just couldn’t wait for you to post an article that was relevant – lol!

  2. I think Joe really has all the loose ends covered on this one. Maybe I’ll just become a “Sentor”. 🙂

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