Where Is Everybody Today?

I can only hope these funny animal videos can pull my view totals out of the hole today. The regulars are here, but not many others.

Well, these videos raise many questions. Why did the salmon cross the road? When is a mud puppy not an amphibian? How many people do you know who have a pet bush baby? And why would you even want to think about getting kissed by a camel?

Some of these have already appeared in other compilations, but I wouldn’t hold that against them.

11 comments on “Where Is Everybody Today?

  1. Well, I missed a couple of posts that for some reason were sent in the wrong portion of the inbox. Most of the promo stuff just gets deleted immediately, and unfortunately, sometimes there are some that should not have been. Also, have been feeling a bit under the weather today so I have not spent much time on line. Hope to do better tomorrow.

    1. I was thinking of you today, and thought I might suggest you check out the Pat Duigon Facebook page (if you haven’t already done so). I try to post all my blog posts there. This might help you pick up on posts you miss.

      Just don’t ask me to explain any kind of computer problems. Might as well ask a goldfish.

  2. And I must be that goldfish. Once, I had a pretty good grasp of computer stuff, but this program has me flummoxed. I will check out the Pat Duigon page.

  3. Great video. Animals are a gift.

    These days, I’m not able to send or receive personal email during work hours, so I come home every night and spend hours getting caught up.

  4. Here is another great song I just remembered: I’ve Never Seen The Righteous Forsaken, by Dallas Holm

  5. Glad to be a “regular.” The R2-D2 riding on the turtle reminds me of the miniature one I bought Linda for a Christmas stocking-stuffer for a couple of bucks. It makes squeaking sounds like the one in “Star Wars” and turned out to be her favorite present – who knew?

    1. This was great! I definitely was LOL! 😂
      I haven’t been on reading much the last couple days as we’ve been dealing with this nasty blizzard and record subzero temperatures (windchills 35 below zero) here in Western New York. The snow fall so far has been about 18 inches and the wind blowing isn’t helping much. But, we still have to go out there and clean it in case we have an emergency and have to get out. Now I’m back on reading again! 😃 Thank you for the laughs Lee!

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