The Democrats’ Blood-Lust

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Suddenly we have Democrat governors and legislatures in several states doubling and tripling down on abortion–especially late-term abortion, with no such thing as “too late.”

As of the moment, Virginia has vaulted ahead of New York in this blood-lust derby. A Democrat legislator has introduced a bill to allow abortion during delivery, and Gov. Ralph Northam, who used to be a pediatric neurologist, said he’d like to see abortions allowed “during birth” (

It’s all for “women’s health,” don’t you know. “Women’s health” is a euphemism for killing your baby because for whatever reason, you don’t want it. There are probably people who don’t want you around, either, but they’re not allowed to kill you.

The co-sponsor of the bill to allow abortion during delivery has backed out: it’s too rich for her.

Now, most Americans have feelings against abortion, and when it comes to late-term abortion, even people who would allow some abortions draw the line at this.

So why are Democrats stampeding for late-term abortion? How do they think that will help them? And please don’t waste my time babbling about they do this ’cause they care for women, or Social Justice, or naked mole rats. Their motivation is incomprehensible to any normal, decent human being.

Why does anybody except a fool or a villain ever vote for Democrats?

If you did that last November, shame on you. It made you complicit in this whole abortion business. Repent and sin no more.

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7 responses to “The Democrats’ Blood-Lust

  • Phoebe

    Fortunately, the Virginia bill was tabled. But that was just because of the sticker shock. The same thing happened with gay “marriage” — introduce the subject, back off after the recoil, suggest something a little less drastic (viz. “civil unions”), keep pushing and pushing until the customer accepts something he would have rejected if you’d started with it, and then use that concession as a platform to advance toward the original goal. Or just repeat the shocking material over and over until it ceases to shock and begins to sound normal. Every used-car salesman knows how to do this. (Not that I would ever compare a politician to a used-car salesman. Oh no. That would be unkind to the used-car salesman.)



    “Why does anybody except a fool or a villain ever vote for Democrats?”
    That’s the question I wonder


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Maybe by 2020 enough people who voted Democrat will be fed up with these radical pro-abortion advocates to throw them back out of office. They scream it is the woman’s body when all along it the unborn baby is not apart of their body, even in most cases having a different blood type.


  • Lisa Beth

    Reading this…really reading this, is like a living nightmare. May God take away all false peace and replace it with shame!!


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