Hank Johnson four pressadint!!!

Jist in caset Hillery she dont whant “to” Be Pressadint afftar all witch wuld Be “a” tradegy well now we “has” fowned somboddy amlost as goood!!!

Hank Johnson he “is the” Smartest guy in Congriss!! and “he” is The Ownly one whoo tells “the” Truth!!! thare is this iland caled Gwom or som thing “like” that,, it is “In” the Ocian and it “is” jist a Smawl Iland and the fashists and Donold Trumpt thay whant “to” Put like a millian Maurines thare so thay “can” attack The Peeples Repubic of Magnolia and Hank Johnson he Called Themb Out on it man he cawled themb out!!!!!! He is the ownly one in Congriss who sayed that iland it will Tip Over and Cap’s Eyes iff thay put “that menny” Maurines on it!!!

We disgussed it in the Stodent Soviet and now wee whant Hank Johnson four pressadint in case we cant has Hillery!! and aslo now we has got a Plan “how to” Saive the Contry from themb Red Staites ful “of” Knotsies!! Al we has to “Do” is get like a millian Socile Jutstus Wirers to go to a Red Staite rite thare in the Middel of it and Jump Up “and” down untill we make it tip Over and Cap’s Eyes!!! and that whill Be The “End” of that hole staite ful of Wite Stupramassists!!!! and than we jist go on To “another” Red Staite and make that one Tip Over and Cap’s Eyes tooo!!!!!! and whee keeep “doing” it untill thare is no moar Red Staites ownly Bluue Staites lefft!!!

I jist cant figgier “Out” how comb No Boddy thay thauhght of This soooner!!!

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    1. Would you believe it? Only 3 views for Joe Collidge today. I wonder if it’s time to retire him–although the academic world will never stop providing material to satirize.

    2. No, no, don’t retire Joe Collidge! He’s an inspiration to us all. 🙂 Seriously, some of us have logged off for the day by the time Joe staggers to his keyboard, so we don’t see his words of wisdom until the next day — which is my case this time.

      Face it, Lee … you have a lot of readers here who (gulp) do other things besides sit in front of the computer screen all day! You should be rejoicing at that. 🙂 As for us, we’re thankful to have your blog as a place of sanity in an insane world. And Joe is part of the laughter that keeps us sane.

    1. That would be pretty devastating to watch! 🙂 And I’m pretty sure an interview between Hank and Kim Jon Un won’t last a minute.

  1. Uh, e-eveyone, I have s-some fears t-that my c-country w-will c-capsize at any momomoment–b-because I accidently spilled my hot cocoa!!!

  2. Collige Joe is a classic – you don’t get rid of classics.

    Why is it? Liberals/Progressives/Socialists/Communists are on the Left because they all want to empower the central government to plan the future and makes things fair; but Conservatives/Libertarians/Anarchists are on the Right because they want less central government controlling their lives. So why are Nazis considered on the Right, when obviously they are on the Left?

    The Left did the same thing with Slavery/Jim Crow/Racism. This was the domain of the Democrats, but now they say the Democrats changed in the 1960’s and those who didn’t go along with it joined the Republicans – and all this is propagated without any evidence. But then again, evidence is the Left’s weakest suit.

    1. Yep, the Dems were not the ones that ended slavery. People need to learn their history and not accept the propaganda of the school system.

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