Curtains for Kitties

We all know what expensive curtains are for. They’re for kittens to use in playing hide-and-seek. And for climbing. My iguana always climbed the curtains, and our cat Buster needed a lot of persuasion before he gave up that habit. The curtains in this video look like they could support several climbing cats. You’ll know when it’s too many…

8 comments on “Curtains for Kitties

  1. Yeah, I know that game well. I had a big tabby cat that could not be kept
    out of the drapes.

    1. I only said they didn’t climb the curtains. I didn’t say they didn’t ruin them. They got into a fad for plucking at the curtains with their claws.

      Oh, well, at least they don’t demolish the furniture.

    1. You’re right. They are a lot of fun, and when you are done, you end up with a loving cat.

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