Dialogue with Dogs & Babies

Do dogs and babies speak a common language? They seem to understand each other pretty well. Somehow we humans forget that language as we grow older–although some grow up speaking with a doggy accent.

I wonder how surprised we’d be if we found out what they were saying to each other.

8 comments on “Dialogue with Dogs & Babies

  1. In a sense, they do speak the same language. Animals don’t have symbolic words; they vocalize in signals. Babies, haven’t yet mastered symbolic language, but they too, vocalize in signals. 🙂

    1. I like your new look, Unknowable! Mine’s kind of ugly… kinda looks like a blue chicken monster.

  2. I wrote a response before, but it disappeared instead of being posted.
    Fap! Can’t remember what I said now. Oh, well. We are under a heavy
    snow and there has been high wind, too, and my computer is so slow, I
    can hardly get anything done. Maybe I need to learn the dog-baby

    1. Because I’ve gone to Lintum Forest to learn to communicate with Omahs from Helki the Rod! 😊

  3. I just saw this, and the title, of course. I had the last post as a draft for a bit, but just completed it today (and thanks for your support). Neat coicidence with title thoughts in the same time frame, I think. This is adorable!!

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