‘I Almost Review “The Last Banquet”‘ (2013)

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You know a writer’s getting desperate when he reviews his own book. Such was my situation a few years ago. No one else would do it at the time, so I had to.

I Almost Review ‘The Last Banquet’

Oddly enough, The Last Banquet seems to be the book most tapped by readers as their favorite in the Bell Mountain series. Well, I was rather clever with the ending, wasn’t I? Sorry, there I go again.

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    1. It’s very good that Gallgoid turned to God for forgiveness! To be honest, I kind of like the bad guys in the series, especially Lord Reesh.

    2. Lord Reesh was a real character to me, and I enjoyed writing about him–so, yeah, I liked him, too. I was sorry to have to kill him off, but the story demanded it. You can’t say he didn’t deserve it.

    3. Hesket the Tinker!…

      Sorry, that was a joke. Hmm, that’s a hard question. I really like all of them, but I think my favorite character is, are you ready?… (drums rolling)… Helki the Rod!

      Rod flying all over the place, enemies crumpling down to the ground, Helki the Rod himself standing on top of the mound of fallen villains. Nothing can stand in his way.

      He is Helki the Rod. Cool!

    4. What?! You don’t like Hesket the Tinker?!

      Just kidding! Yes, the “giant killer” is pretty cool! He’s a great leader, and the best forester in Lintum Forest.

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