Kittens vs. Pair of Blue Jeans

On a par with Godzilla vs. Megalon! See it now! Gasp in awe as ferocious predators crawl up the legs of someone’s pants! Good thing no one was wearing them at the time. See them pit tooth and claw against somebody’s belt! Thrill and shiver at the sight of a pocket brought to hideous life by the insertion of a kitty’s head! And then try to go to sleep at night…!

2 comments on “Kittens vs. Pair of Blue Jeans

  1. Blue jeans don’t stand a chance with this fierce little army. this is adorable, and gave me my best chuckle of the evening. This little family is also one of the cutest I have seen in some time. The markings and colors are beautiful.

  2. If looks like mom was nearby, just keeping an eye on the kids. Kittens sure know how to have fun, in almost any situation.

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