Contest’s Over… Now What?

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Our most recent comment contest did a great job of pumping up readership; but we got our winner Thursday, and contest’s over, and, well… the tide is going out, as it were.

Now what’ll I do? Can’t run a comment contest all the time, it’ll lose its zing. I did try a “Cast the Bell Mountain Movie” contest, but only two or three readers actually tried to do it (although a lot of people read those few readers’ posts).

What to do, what to do… Should I try again with the movie contest? Maybe this time it’ll work better. Waddaya say, out there? I’m open to suggestions.

13 comments on “Contest’s Over… Now What?

  1. I like the idea of another movie contest! If there’s going to be another one, I would try to make better choices… made a few uh-oh choices in the last one…

  2. Well, how about a hymn for this morning. Gaither vocal band doing
    I Then Shall Live. That is a good one, I think.
    I’ll try to catch up. My computer is very, very slow today. Tons of snow all over everything. Fortunate that internet hasn’t failed altogether.

    1. Wow! That’s amazing, Elijah! Here we had a little tiny bit of snow falling, but nothin’ stickin’… 🙁

  3. How about a contest of who can write the best screen play with the skies being the limit on subject matter and genre? For instance, a movie about a holy man with the gift of healing cancer but is assassinated because too many people would be our of work.

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