Socialism: Not for Christians

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You hear a lot lately about socialism being “real Christianity” and socialists being “real Christians”… because sharing is caring, and it doesn’t matter if it’s not your stuff to share, in fact that makes it so much better–!

Let’s knock that down in four words, shall we?

Thou shalt not steal. (Exodus 20:15) It is No. 8 of the Ten Commandments, handed down from the mountain by God Himself and binding on all God’s people, Jews and Christians first, but also everybody else regardless of their belief or non-belief.

“Thou shalt not steal” proves that God recognizes private property rights (not that this is the only place in the Bible where He does so). It’s not possible to steal unless what you’re stealing belongs to someone else.

Now according to Crazy Bernie Sanders, and he should know, under socialism, the government owns all goods and services, all property, and all profit derived therefrom; and then distributes it (heh-heh) “fairly” among the people. And according to a famous Democrat ad campaign, “Government is the only thing we all belong to.” That cannot mean that we are all members of the government, because obviously we’re not. It can only mean that we all belong to the government: the government claims ownership of us.

Hence it’s not even possible to steal from the government, because none of us owns anything, we don’t even own ourselves, and even if we lift a tool from our next-door neighbor’s shed–and it’s not really his shed, but the government’s, and not really his bicycle pump, but the government’s–it hasn’t really changed hands, hasn’t really been stolen, because it still belongs to the government.

If that sounds kind of asinine, it’s only because it really is asinine.

Again, simply, if there is no private property, then there’s no need for a law against stealing because stealing is impossible.

I see you socialists gawping at me as if I had tulips growing out of my scalp. I’m sorry if reasoning is not your thing.

For the government to grab somebody’s stuff that he worked for, and give it to somebody else–minus the big chunk of it that sticks to the government’s fingers–so that that somebody else will vote for the Party and keep the free stuff coming–that is immoral. That is theft by proxy. We don’t have the guts to rob our neighbors, so we let the really big crooks on Capitol Hill do it for us.

It wasn’t always this way in America.

Socialism is not “real Christianity,” but rather false charity.

We need to go back to the way we were before we polluted ourselves with socialism.

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  1. Great explanation! God’s law to Israel forbade slavery, in the sense we think of slavery today; the capture of someone into forced servitude. The slavery mentioned in Israel would be more correctly translated indenture in our contemporary language. If an Israelite got into financial difficulties, they could sell themselves into indenture as a way out. It probably was not an admirable situation, but it was also limited to no more then seven years. So any jidrool believing that the Bible advocates the horrid slavery, such as existed in the early days of the United States is poorly informed, at best, if not deliberately twisting the meaning of words. The Law of Israel prescribed the death penalty for anyone whom kidnapped another into slavery. As in so many things, this is another example of the Law given to Moses being far ahead of what happened in other nations, especially with regard to the rights of individuals.

    Socialism is, at its core, a form of slavery. If I work hard under a socialistic system, what is rightfully mine is confiscated by the state on the promise that they will care for my future needs. This is the oldest scheme imaginable: “give me all your assets now and I’ll take care of you from now on”. It’s based on a flawed premise, because once you have assigned your assets to someone else, you have no power or influence in the matter and are now at the mercy of the ones holding all the wealth.

    Here’s a simple example. Let’s suppose that a government says we can all assign title to our homes to the government and the government will pick up the tab for all future maintenance and repairs, while allowing us to live there as if we still owned the place. Sounds great; or maybe not so great. When a person living under those conditions is placed on a waiting list for simple repairs and waits months or years because of it, it is no longer so great. How about when the government decides that you no longer need such a large home and forces you into a crowded, noisy apartment building against your will? It’s a scam.

    I am not “property rich”. My home is modest, and to be honest, inadequate to my needs. But it is mine and at least I can call the shots. If a light switch fails, I don’t have to wait for a maintenance worker to come (at their convenience), but have the choice of buying a switch and fixing it today. If my home was owned by some housing authority, fixing it myself would likely be forbidden.

    Lee’s point cuts to the heart of the matter; Socialism goes against God’s way of doing things. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all in favor of helping others and I have voted with my wallet on this matter. I’ve dug deep, when I needed to, and have helped others in need; but this is directly and at my sole discretion. I have limited this to family, for the most part, but there is more then abundant need within my family and I feel it to be my Christian obligation to help them first. Beyond that, the five-figure income tax I pay annually certainly helps many others. I think we have Socialism enough, as it is.

    1. Even as stealing is impossible when we and all property are owned by the government, so is true charity also impossible. You can’t give what you don’t own.

  2. As Christians we are obligated to help the poor, tithe, etc. But the big distinction with Christians is it’s an individual mandate. It is quite another matter to transfer those responsibility onto the government. That notion is not supported in the bible. Besides, when one gives voluntarily it is with compassion. When one is forced to give through the government it is coercion.

  3. The Pilgrims tried socialism the first year and many starved to death that winter. That next spring they switched to capitalism and had more abundance. When the early church tried having everything in common, it didn’t work but caused divisions and murmuring.

    When I was working full time before retirement, I was paying 40% of my salary in taxes of some sort or another. God only requires 10% (and then generous giving beyond that because all our wealth is really His).

  4. I want to take a different take on this. It’s important that our youth understand the different forms of government and what factors lead to them. This can be done by parents, as it’s in their and their children’s best interest to understand them. And the parents can taper how much to explain as they grow up. Teachers can do so as well, but must ensure they, themselves, understand, but allow the students to think for themselves, for in this, they can arrive at the “ah haa” experience of awareness. Today, we have too many children who don’t have an adequate understanding of government structures, who don’t even truly understand how our own government came to be, and this will only lead to becoming adults not having a framework of understanding to keep our nation free and responsible.

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