Cats & Roombas

It didn’t take cats long to figure out what those roomba things are for, did it? Vacuum, schmacuum–obviously they’re for cats to ride. Now I wonder whether I’ve spelled “schmacuum” right. Let me check with my cats.

6 comments on “Cats & Roombas

  1. Funny. Some cats love things like this, but some are terrified of them, and do nothing but hump their backs and hiss. Either way, they are funny.

  2. I never realized that cats were so prone to going for rides like that. I wonder if Joe Collidge would care to explain from an evolutionary viewpoint. Even with his flexible logic, it would be hard to do.

    1. I had a cat that liked that. A friend would come over and push him around the house on an old computer chair while he just took it all in. Cats must think that humans are very trainable pets.

    2. Iggy views me as moderately untrainable. But he keeps trying, and he usually wins in the end.

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