‘Swedish Court: Public Masturbation OK’ (2013)

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See, “Europeans” are so much more with-it than we are, so much smarter–except I’m sure that somewhere in America we can find some “judge” who’d rule that public masturbation is a newly-discovered “civil right.”

Swedish Court: Public Masturbation OK

Go ahead, tell me this would never catch on in San Francisco.

12 comments on “‘Swedish Court: Public Masturbation OK’ (2013)

  1. I’m sure it would, and I think their “gay pride” parades have already proved that. Disgusting is hardly strong enough to describe this …….

  2. GROSS! Too shy to engage in conversations with strangers, but not too shy to unzip and do his “thing.” Not only in San Francisco, but I can also imagine liberal congressmen having a ball, or two. GROSSER! And as Erlene opined, a parade? GROSSEST! And what a can of clamydia worms when the feminists openly get involved. What we think, hope, would be the end of such things, could be just the beginning. I have horrid pictures in my mind – excuse me while I throw up…

  3. Special to Marlene–If you wonder where your comment went, I hit the wrong key and it disappeared. $#@#%$ computer.
    They seek the bottom of the barrel, but cannot find it.

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