The Golden Age of Pure Crapola

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Are we living in the golden age of pure, tempest-tossed crapola, or what?

Still pursuing power like Captain Ahab hunted the white whale, Hillary “It’s My Turn!” Clinton has attached herself to the European branch of the Climbit Change jihad.

“Something extraordinary is happening” in Europe, she babbled this weekend. “Teen girls are leading a movement to stop Climate Change” (

Do you want to be ruled by teenage girls? I don’t.

All over the shambles that is Western Europe, girls who’ve found their ticket to fame–and a way to escape boring classes–have been boycotting classes to “protest” Climate Change. “Youth Strikes 4 Climate,” reads their banner. Yessiree, they’re going to “stop” natural processes on a planetary scale, just by protesting! Supposedly there are “thousands” of these teenaged “eco-warriors” cluttering up Sweden, Belgium, and Scotland.

Dig this. Says one, “If you get a detention, that’s nothing to how we will suffer if nothing is done!” We’re all gonna die, see, unless we give governments colossal new powers to control our lives. And redistribute all the wealth. And all that other utopia stuff.

Uh, what about how badly we will suffer if something is done? We’ll be living, if you can call it that, in the world of The Hunger Games.

All throughout history it has been a sure sign of the emptiness and loathsomeness of any political movement, when it needs to trot out children as its spokesmen. It doesn’t get much more despicable than that–but then the Left is despicable, and there’s no changing it.

These little fat-heads in Western Europe don’t need to be filmed and quoted and treated like rock stars.

They need to be grounded.

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  1. Hillary doesn’t look hillary-ous in that picture. I’d rather have the Pillsbury Doughboy as president than her.

  2. I’m with you, Joshua. She is one of the most ridiculous persons I have ever seen; and to think she has political aspirations in OUR nation.
    I don’t think she could even stop her profanity long enough to accomplish anything worth while, and if she could recognize it, I would be surprised.

  3. Children may speak with great conviction on subjects of great import, but they are not speaking from experience and observation, they are repeating what they have been taught. I thought I understood politics when I was young, and I believed things that sounded plausible. Then, in my mid 20s, Reagan was elected and I saw something completely different happen.

    My take-home pay went from $250 per week to $325 and shortly after that, the economy began booming. Homes were being built and young families were able to live better than they would have in a cramped apartment. Dressing nicely came back into fashion and you began to see young people that looked like they had something to care about. Interest rates came down and people were able to accomplish more, financially.

    I took note of these changes and began the slow process of developing my own convictions. It didn’t happen overnight, I had years of confusion to peel away, but this sure made a lot more sense than the “Mailaise” Jimmy Carter had to offer. For the first time since leaving high school, I began to have a sense of hope and of purpose.

    You’re right, trotting out children to make a political point is dirty pool, at best.

    1. When I was a reporter, these were the stories I most hated to cover–some local political controversy, with the losing side trying to win over public opinion by trotting out children to speak for them. It disgusted me. Most often, the issue was a teachers’ strike. And we got the parade of kiddies, “Oh, our poor teachers! Oh, how sad it makes us, not to be in our classrooms while this strike goes on!” What bunk.

      Children only “know” what adults tell them. And that’s only a kind of programming: it’s not real conviction. It’s not real anything.

      The Left sees Climbit Change as its ticket to imposing its will and controlling people’s lives. They will do just about anything to get it.

      And they won’t stop with manipulating children.

      Totally disgusting!

  4. If we hold off the Climate Change crazies long enough it will become apparent the planet is okay after all. It reminds me of the hysteria in the Christian community when Israel became a nation again in 1948. It was promulgated as the beginning of the prophetic timetable of the return of Christ (and for many, the Rapture). Now 70 years later (much more than a Biblical generation) we are all still here. Maybe that 30 minutes of silence in Heaven that The Revelation book talks about is for eschatological teachers to recalculate their predictions (this is not an original thought – I just like it).

    1. I think the question is did the countdown start in 1948 or 1967 with the recapture of Jerusalem. There also is some debate how long a generation is. In any case, it was 120 years when God told Noah to build the Ark until the flood. Things don’t always happen as quickly as we think, but they do come.

    2. Events in the Middle East seem to align well with Ezekiel 38. There have been some air raids into Syria by the IAF in response to missiles being shipped in by Iran. I’m not about to predict when the Gog of Magog attack will happen, but we’re definitely seeing a lot of military action just north of Israel. My personal opinion is that Luke 21:24 refers to Jerusalem being outside of Israeli control before 06/07/1967. Israel is not restored for their sake, but for the sake of God’s name and as proof that He keeps his word; in the case his promise to Abraham.

  5. Also, Isaiah 17 seems about to happen (the wiping out of Damascus. ) Then, the Psalm 83 war fits in to the scenario somewhere. There is a lot to keep watching. Timing is the one thing that is still difficult to see.

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