Judge Tosses Kids’ Climate Change Lawsuit

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If the tantrum doesn’t work, try a lawsuit.

You know they’re getting desperate when they recruit children to be their spokesmen.

Really–when you were seven or eleven years old, how often did it occur to you to sue the government over public policy? Uh… never? You would’ve needed some adult to put you up to it?

A federal judge in Philadelphia has thrown out a lawsuit filed in 2017 by two little boys, then aged seven and eleven, along with an “environmental group,” the Clean Air Council–like there’s anybody out there who wants dirty air–choosing not to waste time and money on their claim that they have a “right” to “a life-sustaining climate system” (https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-climatechange-lawsuit/u-s-judge-dismisses-boys-lawsuit-against-trump-climate-rollbacks-idUSKCN1Q92SA).

The Climbit Change wackos have no shame. The judge also ruled the kiddies had no standing to sue the federal government, couldn’t prove their asthma was Donald Trump’s fault for not fighting the cosmos, and that he, the judge, had no authority to dictate policy to the executive branch of the government. Other than that, it was a great lawsuit.

Do you believe any government has the power to control and customize the vast natural forces that determine the various climates of the earth? There is no “global climate,” only a host of regional and local climates.

No–what the government does have the power to do is to screw up our lives by arbitrary and dictatorial actions: you know, like they’ve done in Venezuela.

Climate change/global warming/whatever is the Far Left’s best shot at imposing some kind of all-powerful global government on the nations of the world, with themselves in charge of it. It is the most enormous hoax in human history, totally dishonest, without merit. They’re furious because President Donald Trump ain’t buyin’ it.

And now they’re manipulating children. What could be more shameful? What could be more despicable?

We’ll probably find out at next year’s Democrat Convention.

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  1. What is so ridiculous is the fact that children are more than happy to assume great conviction just because they are told they should. Learning and weighing the facts takes time. That’s why children have limited rights until the age of majority.

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