Attack of the Sleepy Kittens!

It is said of the famous Hittite general, Elmer Arbogast, that whenever he saw sleepy kittens coming his way, he ordered a full retreat. Who can blame him? (Never mind those snarky comments made by certain Assyrian chroniclers.)

Anyway, we dare you–we double-dare you–to stay awake for the duration of this video!

7 comments on “Attack of the Sleepy Kittens!

  1. I feel like I’m on “cutesy overload” with this one. Makes me want to grab one and fall asleep with it.

  2. Are you sure Elmer was a Hittite, not an Amorite or a Jebuzite? I get confused about all these Ites — maybe a case of Ite-itis on my part, or (to be more woke about it) Itophobia. 🙂

    Anyway, I shouldn’t have watched this before going to church. I may not last through the homily. Zzzzz….

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