Really, if the Jackalope Isn’t Real…

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As long as we’re talking alternate reality, I simply must put in a word for the jackalope.

Skeptics say the jackalope’s not real–but pictures don’t lie! Jackalopes proliferate–am I allowed to use that word? it looks a lot like “pro-life”–during periods of Global Warming and Hate Speech, thriving on Income Inequality, Nationalism, and Transphobia. This is settled science, so everybody just shut up about it.

I think I might have seen one at our supermarket this morning, just as it ducked out of sight near the Easter candy display. Then again, it might have just been a store employee tidying the shelves.

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8 responses to “Really, if the Jackalope Isn’t Real…

  • marlene

    If it’s mythical, it’s settled. I’m waiting to be taxed for it.

  • Phoebe

    Not only are there pictures of jackalopes, but I myself once had a statuette of a jackalope. (It disappeared in one of my moves, though. Maybe it hopped away. Alas. But I digress….) And if a 2-D picture doesn’t lie, surely a 3-D statuette doesn’t lie even more. So there, jackalope deniers!

  • Unknowable

    “Pro-life”–during periods of Global Warming and Hate Speech, thriving on Income Inequality, Nationalism, and Transphobia have had their effect. There is pure evil in that critter’s eyes. 🙂

  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Jackalopes are very common in Texas. Some are so big a cowboy can ride it. We have jackalope pictures and statues in our house – we are believers.

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