‘Oops–No Blizzard’ (2015)

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I do realize that a lot of you have already had enough snow dumped on you to last a lifetime, and you’re sick of it; but here in central New Jersey this winter, we’ve had only a little more snow than Aruba or Tahiti.

Oops–No Blizzard

We did it again this week. Snow was predicted. “Winter Storm Watch” went into effect. We got an email from some local government agency about “what to do after the storm”–like, y’know, in case we got snowed in for a month without electricity, without food, had to resort to cannibalism, etc.

It snowed about an inch and a half, if that much, and was almost all melted away by the next morning. So if you didn’t get around to panicking in the few hours allowed, sorry, you missed it.

Why is our nooze media always trying to stampede us?

When exactly did our weather services stop being weather services to devote themselves exclusively to stirring up panic? Is that part of their Climate Change business? Keep ’em in a panic: maybe they’ll finally give up all their freedoms in return for the government’s protection against… well, nature.

It’s so silly. But I wonder if there’s a sinister purpose behind it.

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  1. It seems there is an “agenda” behind just about everything. Manipulate and excite, take over things they are too ignorant to understand, and pretend they are in control. It gets tiresome, to say the least.

  2. I think there is an agenda at work here. It’s everywhere and stampede is the perfect description of the ultimate goal.

  3. Here comes the snow – watch out, Climate Change is gonna get you. But don’t worry, big government is here to help. Ocasio wa ocashii yu promised to give us more than 12 years until the end of the world if we follow her Green New Deal. CA Governor’s helping by banning plastic straws. The Club of Rome’s “Limits to Growth” is back. And the Pope is calling for “”global regulatory norms… to impose obligations and prevent unacceptable actions” and “Continuity is essential, because policies related to climate change and environmental protection cannot be altered with every change of government.” After all, we wouldn’t want our Republic form of government to threaten our survival! It’s a no brainer (no brains)! All we peasants have to do is give up our freedoms, liberties, rights, properties, and money to pay for these God-help-us programs and climate change doomsday can be averted. And just in case we people might not go along with their plans to subvert the nations and enslave their citizens, enter the all-powerful, all-seeing, UN! So many agendas, so few truths…

  4. It’s gotten so that whenever I get a “weather alert” notification on my phone’s screen, I dismiss it without reading it. The warnings used to scare me half to death. Now I just roll my eyes and swipe the notices away. Most of the time they’re just more messages from Chicken Little.

    Not that we don’t get bad weather and sometimes horrendous weather here. We’ve had a couple of doozies this winter. But the ratio of real emergencies to false alarms (“run and tell the King the sky is falling!”) has been about 1:75 this year. Hey, the weather app-guys have to earn their keep, no?

  5. Good news coverage has become a thing of the past. We are no longer given the in-depth information behind the news stories. Here in Fort Smith, AR, the second largest city in the state (pop 86,000), the big news story last night on our local TV station was a small field mouse had run across the Food Court at our only inside mall. Pretty riveting stuff, huh.

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