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What to Do Now…?

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We actually have a bridge almost just like this, a mile or two from here. I wonder if it just might be our bridge!

As I set this blog up for the day, Patty reads me nooze items from the Drudge Report. Meanwhile, for the first time this whole winter, it has snowed outside! Gotta be a good three inches’ worth. New Jersey now has three inches more snow than Trinidad got this winter.

For some reason our political nooze seems especially grotesque today. I will never understand why there are Democrats.

I keep looking out the window at the snow. I know more than a few of you are heartily sick of snow this winter, but that’s only because you’ve had too much of it. Don’t be mad at me for enjoying this three-inch extravaganza.

Come on, now, Lee, there’s political nooze for you to cover–

I think I’ll go outside, stand in the snow, and enjoy a cigar. All work and no play, you know, makes Jack a dull boy.

And maybe a snowman…

‘Oops–No Blizzard’ (2015)

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I do realize that a lot of you have already had enough snow dumped on you to last a lifetime, and you’re sick of it; but here in central New Jersey this winter, we’ve had only a little more snow than Aruba or Tahiti.


We did it again this week. Snow was predicted. “Winter Storm Watch” went into effect. We got an email from some local government agency about “what to do after the storm”–like, y’know, in case we got snowed in for a month without electricity, without food, had to resort to cannibalism, etc.

It snowed about an inch and a half, if that much, and was almost all melted away by the next morning. So if you didn’t get around to panicking in the few hours allowed, sorry, you missed it.

Why is our nooze media always trying to stampede us?

When exactly did our weather services stop being weather services to devote themselves exclusively to stirring up panic? Is that part of their Climate Change business? Keep ’em in a panic: maybe they’ll finally give up all their freedoms in return for the government’s protection against… well, nature.

It’s so silly. But I wonder if there’s a sinister purpose behind it.

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