What Does the Poll Mean?

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To hear the nooze media and Hollywood tell it, we Americans are a Far Left Crazy nation with a handful of deplorables colluding with the Russians to stop progress. But Gallup’s tracking poll says we conservatives outnumber liberals, nationally, by nine percentage points.

Nine points, to put it as simply as I can, is not enough.

Nine points is not enough to overcome voter fraud, corrupt government agencies who’d rather play politics than do what we pay them for,  the hostile nooze and “entertainment” media, neo-Stalinist colleges, public schools controlled by Far Left teachers’ unions, and the natural inclination of normal people to live their lives and ignore the freakin’ politics.

We should be uneasy with the fact that Democrats last year took over the House of Representatives after two solid years of public tantrums that should have massively alienated normal people. Antifa riots, the Kavanagh hearings, “The Problem of Whiteness” workshops in virtually all of our publicly-funded universities–really, what do these people have to do to get our dander up?

Be warned. If Democrats ever again take control of the government, they’ll never let go: we’ll be stuck with them for the rest of our lives. There are things we must do, starting now and going all the way, to prevent the 2020 elections from being a disaster.

Go to the polls if you have to drag yourselves on hands and knees, and vote for every Republican on the ballot. Even the ones that stink: we can deal with them later.

Do not waste a vote on some quixotic third-party candidate.

If you have friends or family members who might vote Democrat, work on them until they cry for mercy.

And in the long run, take your children out of public schools before they’re totally brainwashed, and don’t send them off to any Far Left university where their professors will finish the job on them.

What? You want the Green New Deal? You want Open Borders? You want all that stuff the Dems are pushing?

God help us if you get it.


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  1. We’re all singing to the choir. The midterms were just a test case for what the demonrats have planned for 2020. All supporting leftists now feel justified because the ‘weak” GOP did not fight voter fraud and rigged machines. In fact, almost no one is even talking about it. Yes, we proved conservatives held a lead in 2016. But how many Ann Coulters are there now? I’ve noticed more independents spewing leftist support. Yes, we proved conservatives were in the majority in 2016. But what i call the “Coulter Syndrome” is most likely the reason for the narrowing of that lead. However, i still trust that Trump WILL prevail. With God’s “collusion”…

    1. Meanwhile, Scott Rasmussen finds that although many Democrats now say they have a favorable opinion of “socialism,” that have extremely unfavorable opinions of what socialism actually does. I would imagine public schooling accounts for socialism’s new, favorable image.

    2. Your “imagine” seems to be spot on. Especially with socialism’s poster boy BSanders followers. I just watch 2 short videos of him extolling the virtues of COMMUNISM! The closer he gets to the White House, the closer he will be exposed not as a socialist, but as a communist; Let’s hope this puts another thought into the heads of his mindless supporters. “Bread lines and communism.” PS: Hopefully, this could even backfire the schools’ socialistic indoctrination. As for the democrats, there are also a few questioning parts of socialism, although with trepidation.

  2. Go to the polls in the Primary elections to vote out the Rhinos. Support Trump Train candidates with your time and money – otherwise we will have more of the same. The establishment Republicans (Rhinos) are as big a problem as the Dems.

  3. The mind staggers. In another era, she would have been laughed at openly by both sides of the aisle.

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