When is an “F” not an “F”?

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When the North Carolina state legislature gets hold of it!

This just in: the legislature is pondering a move to lower the failing grade in the state’s schools to 39 percent or less (https://www.local10.com/education/state-proposes-lowering-f-grade-to-just-39-percent). Currently, you’ve got to score 60 or less to get an F.

Oh, but they’ve got a swell reason for doing this! If they do, it “would allow underperforming schools to continue operating.”

Why should those schools continue operating? Why should the public pay for schools where so many students fail? Because it’d be too big a hassle to close them? So we just keep paying for them? Dig those teacher pensions!

Public education–day by day, sucking the life out of our country.

7 comments on “When is an “F” not an “F”?

  1. They should not still be operating. It seems that the American middle class is on overload with problems, and so many evils escape. That is the plan: keep them busy arguing over everything, including the color of the wolf’s hair, and they won’t have time to deal with us.

  2. When they learn, they are dangerous to their “controllers” Can’t have people thinking for themselves, you know.

  3. Oh how the Duignon sarcasm is spreading 🙂 We have two high schools in our city, Southside and Northside. Southside High School earned an A rating last year. Northside earned a D- rating last year. The difference? For one lack of discipline. And for two, Northside has a small white minority of students.

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