When is an “F” not an “F”?

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When the North Carolina state legislature gets hold of it!

This just in: the legislature is pondering a move to lower the failing grade in the state’s schools to 39 percent or less (https://www.local10.com/education/state-proposes-lowering-f-grade-to-just-39-percent). Currently, you’ve got to score 60 or less to get an F.

Oh, but they’ve got a swell reason for doing this! If they do, it “would allow underperforming schools to continue operating.”

Why should those schools continue operating? Why should the public pay for schools where so many students fail? Because it’d be too big a hassle to close them? So we just keep paying for them? Dig those teacher pensions!

Public education–day by day, sucking the life out of our country.

‘Stupid in America: How We Cheat Our Kids’

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John Stossel produced this documentary in 2006 for ABC television. Thirteen years later, our public education system still [naughty verb deleted]… Shall we say “under-performs”?

I interviewed him after viewing his documentary.


Among the highlights of the documentary was the story of an 18-year-old high school student in South Carolina who, after having been in public school for almost all his life, still couldn’t read. At all. But when his mother sent him to a Sylvan Learning Center, he learned to read in only 72 hours. He wasn’t stupid, but his schooling was.

Another eye-opener was an under-performing high school in Kansas City, where the school board tried to solve its problem by throwing more money at it. Lots more: they had to add onto the building to accommodate an indoor swimming pool. Millions of dollars later, the high school lost its accreditation.

Stossel had only an hour of air time, so he concentrated on the academics and let the rest of it go. By “the rest” I mean the increasing prevalence of crime and violence in the schools, the political indoctrination of the students, and the bored tolerance of school administrators for all sorts of bad behavior. I’ve seen it for myself, and it isn’t pretty.

Public schooling can’t be fixed. It’s too far gone for that. Homeschooling or Christian schooling are the best alternatives.

If America goes down the pipe, what we’ve long called “education” will be a big part of the reason for it.