Peeping Chuck

I guess if your home has a sliding glass door, you’re practically inviting woodchucks to peek inside.

I can’t be mad at woodchucks, though. Many years ago, there was a woodchuck who lived at the base of the left field fence on our softball field. One night I hit a line drive that rolled to the fence… and then down to woodchuck hole! The ground rules didn’t cover it, so I got to stroll around the bases for a leisurely home run while the left fielder loudly let the woodchuck know exactly what he thought of it.

I wonder how many balls I’d have to hit before that happened again.

8 comments on “Peeping Chuck

  1. That’s a one in a million shot, but you got a homer out of it. 🙂 I don’t know that I’ve ever actually seen a Woodchuck. Interesting critter.

    1. Once in my innocent childhood, I saw a mother woodchuck leading three babies across a neighbor’s back yard. Naturally I had to go over there and pet the babies. The mother let me get away with it. You **know** it’d be rabies shots if I got bitten! I was called away before I could make any real trouble for myself.

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