Good News: President Trump Acts to Protect Free Speech on Campus

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It’s about time!

President Donald Trump today told an audience at CPAC that he will sign an executive order to cut off federal research grants to colleges and universities that don’t support free speech (

The announcement comes after a conservative student was physically assaulted at Berkeley–something which Far Left crazies have been doing rather a lot of, lately.

The president said action is need to protect those who “challenge ridiculous ideas” promoted by the universities.

As the saying goes, “gotta start somewhere.” This is a good start. More is needed. Our whole “higher education” establishment is PC–Politically Correct and Philosophically Corrupt. We do not need to be funding them as hatcheries of neo-Stalinism.

Take away the tax money, and watch the Far Left shrivel up and die.

6 comments on “Good News: President Trump Acts to Protect Free Speech on Campus

    1. Again we thank God for the results of that 2016 election. “President Hillary” is too horrible a thought to hold.

  1. The trouble with executive orders is that the next president can cancel them with other executive orders. And the trouble with talking about “free speech” is that too many campuses — and businesses — define conservative ideas as “hate speech” and “fascism,” which by their definition lie outside the realm of free speech and must be shut down lest they PREVENT free speech. Remember, leftists construct their own reality, and then they demand that everyone else accept what they’ve constructed. Freedom is slavery. War is peace. Ignorance is strength. Censorship is free speech.

    Joe Collidge should be able to explain this all to us. Right, Lee?

    1. We do need something more permanent, like a Congressional budget with no funds for colleges in it, and an act of Congress prohibiting such funding.

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