What to Do Now…?

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We actually have a bridge almost just like this, a mile or two from here. I wonder if it just might be our bridge!

As I set this blog up for the day, Patty reads me nooze items from the Drudge Report. Meanwhile, for the first time this whole winter, it has snowed outside! Gotta be a good three inches’ worth. New Jersey now has three inches more snow than Trinidad got this winter.

For some reason our political nooze seems especially grotesque today. I will never understand why there are Democrats.

I keep looking out the window at the snow. I know more than a few of you are heartily sick of snow this winter, but that’s only because you’ve had too much of it. Don’t be mad at me for enjoying this three-inch extravaganza.

Come on, now, Lee, there’s political nooze for you to cover–

I think I’ll go outside, stand in the snow, and enjoy a cigar. All work and no play, you know, makes Jack a dull boy.

And maybe a snowman…

4 comments on “What to Do Now…?

  1. Sigh. We’re supposed to be getting another 3-4 inches tomorrow. This is NOT our first. Or second. Or third. Or….

    Naetheless (ooh, I’ve been dying to say “naetheless” again!), Lee, I’m glad you’re enjoying the beauty. Truly,

    1. I was getting awful tired of looking at mud.
      I can never forget how deliriously happy it used to make me when school was closed on account of snow.

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