Music for the ‘Bell Mountain’ Movie

This is not part of the movie contest–which is still on, by the way–it’s just my non-negotiable demand that Bernard Herrmann compose and conduct the music score. The above is his introductory music for Jason and the Argonauts (1963), one of my all-time absolute favorite movies. It’s got everything a good movie should have–a homicidal bronze giant, flying harpies, a skeleton hit squad–and whatever was happening on screen, Bernard Herrmann had the perfect music for it.

As for the cast-the-movie contest, we have entries so far from (he pauses to count on his fingers) half a dozen readers. Shoot, I was hoping to at least run out of fingers.

I know, I know: you can’t cast the movie if you haven’t read any of the books. I also know I need more readers. Like, lots more.

Let’s keep the contest running a little longer, in hopes of getting more entries. The winner or winners will get a signed certificate in recognition of their wisdom, perspicacity, and good taste. Let’s face it, with only six entries–albeit quite enthusiastic entries which most of us have enjoyed reading–this is something short of the Irish Sweepstakes. I’m sorry I didn’t let Lord Reesh run the contest, but it’d too late now.

15 comments on “Music for the ‘Bell Mountain’ Movie

  1. That is great music. Many modern movie these these days seem to rely on distorted electric guitars. I, for one, have had my fill with distorted guitars.

    1. Herrmann did tons of great movie scores–Ghost and Mrs. Muir, Man Who Knew Too Much, and many more. His style is distinctive. That Jason and the Argonauts theme–well, you heard some of it. Imperial! as my sword teacher used to say.

  2. I think John Williams, or the up-and-coming Benjamin Botkin should compose a score for Bell Mountain. John Williams has done hundreds of scores including: The Patriot, The Adventures of Tintin, Indiana Jones, and other movies I’m sure you’ve watched. You can listen to Benjamin Botkin’s music at, he’s done scores for Ace Wonder, Polycarp, the Screenwriters and other movies.

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