Who’s the ‘World’s Best Teacher’?

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Andrew Moffat, the homosexual whose “No Outsiders” LBGT-promoting curriculum has sparked massive protests by parents in Birmingham, England, is on the short list for  the Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize (https://www.theguardian.com/education/2019/feb/21/teacher-targeted-over-lgbt-work-shortlisted-for-1m-global-award).

Creepy little people hiding in the shadows, reaching out to poison our culture and screw up our lives…

Anyhow, if Twinkletoes wins the world’s best teacher prize, he’ll get a million dollars. A nice reward for indoctrinating children into sexual anarchy. He’s already had to resign from one school district because of parental protests; but a million bucks buys a lot of comfort.

What is this Varkey Foundation, that has $1 million to throw around? I visited their website, but all I learned there was that their headquarters is in London and they really like “education.” Just a lot of high-flown verbiage signifying nothing. They say they’ve received 10,000 nominations from 179 countries for their Global Teacher Prize.

Just another tiny little group of people who get to decide what your world is going to be like…


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